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Hi everyone,

This news is a little older now but here are the details:

I was really appalled and disgusted after hearing this. Our church is at the forefront in denouncing our culture of death including above all, abortion. We have all fallen into sexual sin for goodness sake and even those who are still virgins, commit serious mortal sin when they think to much of lustful thoughts or toss off for that matter according to our teachings. A pregent belly just doesn't show up on us men including catholic school teachers so we get away with it.

This event sends out the wrong message and maybe now female Catholic school teachers will think it is much smarter to go and terminate the pregnency rather than flush their careers down the toilet and many will say, can't say we blame them. Also to add insult to injury, how will this teacher support the child now losing a 50 k or more a year job to one of minimum wage? Did anyone think about that?

No, in my books the young lady should have been commended instead as she illustrated a shining example of valuing a human life in development and not kicked in the teeth like that. The whole scenario is just crass stupidity at its best.



Apr 1st 2014 new
This is SO wrong, I don't know where to begin. She has made a decision to keep her baby. She made a mistake and went to confession, so why would they do this? It's appalling.
Apr 1st 2014 new
The firing doesn't really uphold Catholic values. Keeping her there would probably have been better. The teacher was denounced by an anonymous letter (how awful!). The bishop should have posted in every parish bulletin in the diocese that people who send anonymous letters denouncing teachers for their personal conduct ought to do a thorough examination of conscience. I'm no fan of the group that's promoting her cause, but they are right in this instance. It's not a moral stance - what they did was just plain nasty. Additionally it will become a public relations nightmare. I hope she sues the pants off the bishop, the parish, and the members of the board.
Apr 1st 2014 new
I understand that people are upset about her getting fired....But, when you work for a Catholic school you abide by all the moral teachings of the Catholic Church and you have to sign a document you are going to do so...
Please think of it on the flip side of the issue...If she is teaching religion for instance and she is in the room with a pregnant belly...Really what is that teaching the kids about Catholic morality? She is doing the exact opposite of what our religion is for...
That having sex outside of marriage is ok and to give into your temptations regardless if your pregnant or not....(that's not ok)...
Maybe the way the school system found out was not the greatest but this is the set of conditions that she and every other Catholic school teacher/ worker agrees to.
Apr 1st 2014 new
So the teachers who get pregnant and quietly have an abortion are better Catholic role models?

If she admits she's pregnant and unmarried and that it was a mistake, but also adds she's committed to having her baby and raising it as a Catholic, that would be a better lesson to the kids than firing her.

By canning her, the diocese set a terrible example of Christian charity, sent the wrong message, and made themselves look like the same nasty out-of-touch clerical jerks who caused the abuse crisis. My guess is that the diocese is already hemorrhaging Catholics, especially female Catholics, due to their mismanagement of the abuse and subsequent settlement process. Firing this teacher will only confirm the impression that a bunch of unpleasant witless men are still in charge. End result? More Catholics out of the church. The media and the cultural elites bombard women with reports about how "anti-women" and "patriarchal" the Catholic Church is. IDIOTIC AND NASTY decisions like this confirm these reports. The diocese had the opportunity to avoid that and even make some small steps in the right direction, but no.

The nasty jerks are clearly still very much in charge of that chancery. Shame on them. Clericalism is a scourge. I hope the diocese gets sued back into bankruptcy. Until some heads roll on that chancery floor, the diocese will continue to be run by and for the benefit of its clergy at the expense of its lay faithful.

Apr 1st 2014 new
Hi Sarah,

Yes I heard and considered the flip side but in my opinion, weighing all the criteria with respect to both sides of the argument, I find the side wanting to keep her on out trumps the side who wanted to skid her. The Parable of the Woman Caught In Adultery really comes to mind here and just on that teaching they set a very poor example with respect to Christ's teaching.

I'd just like to add that slightly further North in Lethbridge, Alberta where my sisters work in the Catholic School System there, last year a lady teacher got into the same trouble and went forward to see the superintendent. She to had signed various papers on personal conduct but the board praised her that she took on the responsibilty, valued human life and would carry her baby to term rather than aborting it and she still kept her job.

Thanks for your input here Sarah. - Michael
Apr 1st 2014 new
A few years ago my local Catholic school gave a chance to a young unwed woman and hired her to teach. The 7-8th grade girls thought she was great -- young, beautiful, unashamed of her pregnancy or how she got that way, talking of being 'in love' with her 'boyfriend', etc. She had the baby over the summer and started teaching the next year when, silly her, she got pregnant again. Seems she didn't change her behavior with her boyfriend nor think they 'were ready to marry' and the 7-8th grade girls were thrilled at her condition, loved asking her inappropriate questions that she inappropriately answered, etc. She was asked not to return. She was a bad example to the students. She influenced them in ways which were very apparent at school dances, bus rides, locker talk, etc -- many more violations than the years just previous to her working there. If an unwed teacher gets someone pregnant or becomes pregnant, I feel maybe they should be given the option of moving to a less influential position or leaving the church's employ, rather than negatively influence so many impressionable young students.
Apr 1st 2014 new
Is that the situation in Montana? I kind of doubt it.
Apr 1st 2014 new
The situation is the same in that the students are seeing an unwed pregnant teacher and being told by day-in, day-out exposure that it is not only normal but good.
In the public schools, there are no rules -- the kids are exposed to teachers living in many sinful ways and those teachers often openly promote those lifestyles.
If I'm sending my child to a private Catholic school part of the reason is for good and Godly influences. The teachers are held to a higher code of behavior at least morally.
A teacher's job is to mold and influence children -- he or she needs to let that guide his or her private life, including sexual activities.
When a teacher makes choices contrary to being a good influence, there are consequences -- just like with any job if the employees chose to be drunk in public or dress in ways that embarrass the employer or talk bad against the employer, they can be let go. I feel transferring to another position is better than outright firing for a first out-of-wedlock pregnancy, but not more.
Apr 1st 2014 new
I can understand the school boards decision but wasn't Mary a single, unwed, pregnant mother?
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