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Can you still get messages from people you've been messaging if you are "on vacation?" Right now it's just a really busy time for me for the next few weeks (just don't have time to date) and I have two men who seem interested in meeting me. It started off as just one man being interested, but then another I contacted a few weeks ago (and whom I thought lost interest) returned and is now interested as well.

I'd like to take my profile down so I don't mislead anyone into thinking I can actually date in the next month or so... considering I also need to find time to squeeze in a "meet and greet" with the two men I've been talking to. But I also don't want to cut off the communication with those two men either (and I am not ready yet to give them contact information outside of CM).

Apr 3rd 2014 new
Hi Caron,
You will find the following in the FAQ section of CM under the heading of:
How can I change my profile status?

"On Vacation If you need to take a break from CatholicMatch, set your status to this. Access to all parts of the site are unavailable except for your account page and the help page. You will not appear in other member's search results, receive new matches, or be matched with anyone else. Your profile will reflect that you are on vacation."

Hope this helps in you deciding the best status to change to - but no - you will not be able to do as much as you are stating you would like if you were in "On Vacation" status
Apr 3rd 2014 new
Thank you Dave! It was just unclear to me if my messages were part of my account page or not (since the little icon where I get messages says "account activity" when I hover over it).

But based on what you are telling me, the inbox is not considered part of the accounts page. So I'll need to figure out something else I suppose. I saw there was an option for "seeking for friendship" I might go with that. It's weird that the explanation for seeking friendship isn't listed on the page where you change your profile status (I found the explanation on the page you linked).

Thank you again. smile
Apr 3rd 2014 new
Thanks Dave.. seems like good advice. wink thumbsup
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