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Please join me in supporting & encouraging ourselves & each other in starting a New Habit! Each night jump on this post real quick and list at least 3 good/happy/funny things that happened to you that day or that you are thankful for. Big or small, doesn't matter.
Okay, I'll start.
I'm thankful for my dear friend Laura and our visit today.
I'm happy my house is pretty clean and organized (for now! ;))
I'm thankful for my son who is going to make a wonderful husband some day.
I'm happily going to bed ~ Nite!
Apr 24th 2014 new
My contact case fell out of my purse, I guess. I've retraced steps since Tuesday. Today I checked with security at our company and it had been turned in to them. My Dad will be getting out of the hospital tomorrow. My job is going very well and we had a breakthrough. Great thread, Teresa! As Chesterton said, it's all about a perception of gratitude.
Apr 24th 2014 new
Thank you, God, for your Presence.
Thank you, God, for your Word.
Thank you, God, for your Spirit
Thank you for your company.
Apr 24th 2014 new
Thank you, dearest Lord, for the people who showed up to help electrify our goat fencing - the farmer whose crops they were eyeing wont be quite so anxious and we want him to sky's e a great season!

Thank you for giving me the Catholic faith to share with my friends who are lost and asking how they can have God in their lives, too. Thank you for making me happy to be walking this faith path so they can see it works.

Thank you for half an hour alone in the chapel with the afternoon sun streaming through the Catherine of Sienna window so I could bring it all to You at the end of the day.
Apr 25th 2014 new
I am thankful for a day without drama.

I am am thankful for the example of my parents, who celebrate 50 years of marriage today. They stuck it out in good times and bad.

I am am thankful for dear friends who daily encourage me in my faith especially on the days when I am not sure I have faith any more. A listening ear, a compassionate heart, and a couple of blueberry pancakes were the balm to my hurting heart today.
Apr 25th 2014 new
I love this thread!

I am thankful for THREE, count 'em, THREE students who announced full ride scholarships to college yesterday. Every one of them has a GPA above 3.5 and a family below the poverty line. I am so proud!

I am thankful my son cleaned his room- even under the bed!

I am thankful my daughter enjoyed her guitar lesson and play date yesterday.
Apr 25th 2014 new
I'm thankful they opened up a new "Y" not too far away. I went 3 times this week and will go to a Zumba class tomorrow. wink

I'm thankful my dad is still independent at age 88!

I'm thankful for my older sister who is planning on visiting us tomorrow afternoon. I want to hear about her trip to California. biggrin

I'm thankful I've been working steadily since I'm a teenager.
Apr 25th 2014 new
I am thankful today is Friday and the weather is gorgeous ...thankful for my job ...thankful for beautiful music....
Apr 25th 2014 new
...and for the joy of dancing! :-)
Apr 25th 2014 new
I am thankful that my interview promoting organ donation went well today.
I'm thankful my son has wonderful friends.
I'm so happy it's Friday and I get to sleep late tomorrow!

Thank you to all who have posted, keep it up!
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