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Tall Girl Love ?

Apr 30th 2014 new

(Based on an idea from another thread in St. Peter's.)

Tall girls (over 5' 7") -- Sign in!

Men who like tall girls -- Sign in!

Apr 30th 2014 new

It seems to me that both men and women are taller than say when I was a little one, I towered over my classmates and I hated it, what was tougher than that is that when we had recess my mom was one of the yard monitors - she was a tad over 6'

What was weird is that kids would ask me - "what happens when she hits you?" I thought what do you guys think happens at my house - I walk in the door and my mom says "How was your day dear?" WACK!!!!! laughing laughing
Apr 30th 2014 new
Hi Marge,

If you will check, overall from to the old National Enquirer and other newspaper personal columns over the decades, it is extremely rare to find men who put height restrictions for the partner they are looking for in their profiles. For women that seems to be the norm though. I rest my case.



PS - Personally I don't care if the woman is taller or shorter than me. Still it is quite hard even in the macroworld to get women taller than you interested.
Apr 30th 2014 new
I recall the profile of a 4'10" lady (not on CM) emphatically stating no one under 5'10!"
Apr 30th 2014 new
Tall girl here! 5'9. biggrin I didn't realize I was tall until I started dating after my divorce. I just didn't notice it prior to then. When you're married, things like a guys height isn't really something that you notice. My VERY FIRST CM communication on CM was via chat. One of the first things the guy asked me was if I found it hard to date because, I was so tall. It didn't occur to me that my height was an issue until that chat session. The good news is - I still don't know if it prevents me from getting dates -those guys just don't contact me.
Apr 30th 2014 new
I find, in general, tall men are nicer than short men. (Hint, Hint Ladies wink)
Apr 30th 2014 new
Count me in. It's funny, when I was in the dating pool 35 years ago, The ladies who caught my eye were in the 5' to 5'5" range. I married a 4'11" Filipina. The only thing we couldn't do together comfortably (other than 3 legged races) was slow dance. We danced but it was awkward. So this time around I'm setting my sites higher because I really like to slow dance.

Apr 30th 2014 new
<<--------Short girl drive by! Carry on!! embarassed duck flamed
Apr 30th 2014 new
(quote) Linda-624584 said: <<--------Short girl drive by! Carry on!!

:rests elbow on Linda's head: I just love moments of relaxation. :sigh:
Apr 30th 2014 new
(quote) Tammy-991351 said:

:rests elbow on Linda's head: I just love moments of relaxation.
<<------ short stature makes for the perfect resting place for one's cocktail: tongue faint Wolf Whistle
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