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License plate sightings

May 7th 2014 new
Seen on a Smart Car (aka matchbox on wheels)


May 7th 2014 new
Well I'm not meaning to use any foul language, but this reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer goes to the DMV to pick up his new license plates and they said ASSMAN, hyper ! Turns out his plates were mixed up with a proctologist's vanity plates, lol!!! raspberry

Here's the link to a 4 minute compilation if anyone feels so inclined wink
May 8th 2014 new
Well I've seen a few clever ones but can't think of any but if we could also go with bumper stickers, I saw one on a big pickup that said ... Silly boys ,trucks are for girls!
May 8th 2014 new
I've seen an expensive car, driven by a woman, with the license plate: WASHIS
May 14th 2014 new
Seen yesterday driving somewhere in San Jose or Santa Clara, CA, with a couple of my kids:

I (heart) CSPAN.

Probably an easy plate to get as there wouldn't likely be a lot of other folks requesting it.
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