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Lessons learned from nature

May 9th 2014 new
So, the other day when I left work that morning, I made a right hand turn on the road to go home. I was driving down the road just a few blocks and all of a sudden these two wild turkeys were crossing the road. They were pretty big turkeys. I stopped in front of them to let them cross over. The turkey in front crossed over the road and the other was following. They were headed to the the house which had a wooden fence.The last turkey just crossed off the road, so, I started to move on going very slow, well that turkey was not happy about me moving on and stopped ran over to my car, and started attacking it and was squawking about something? I couldn't hear him cause my windows were up. So, I stopped dead again and waited. I sat there a few minutes until he stopped, then he started to turn and walk away. So, I started to go again, moved the car not even an inch, he came running back and stopped me again. He walked away, I started to move and here he came running again this time he was very angry! He fanned out his back feathers like an umbrella, up they popped! Then he was at the side of the car by the tire on the passenger side, stopping me, then he ran right in front of the car, and stood there pecking at my headlight. I couldn't move! He had traffic backed up in both lanes. The other turkey just stood there watching him. So, I had to wait until they were both almost under the fence before I could leave. laughing
This encounter taught me that turkeys rule!!
I thought maybe he had a job with traffic control, since everybody had to wait.
Since he was with his new girlfriend, he meant business. Don't mess with this turkey on a date.
Did he do this to show off for his hen?
I only wish somebody could have taken a video of this.
Do all turkeys do this nowadays?
Turkeys do fly.
What encounters have you had? Any turkey ones? Remember we must show our respects when they are crossing the road...... biggrin
May 9th 2014 new
wave Cindy!

I wondered if this would be another bear story. You certainly have interesting encounters with animals. At least this one gobble gobble gobble! wasn't life-threatening.
May 10th 2014 new
waveHi Mary!
Yes, watch out for the turkeys. I am glad he didn't give me a flat tire. laughing
May 10th 2014 new
what about those geese when they want to cross at their own pace to green pasture ....
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