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The lock just came down on #18,so we continue with #19.
May 21st 2014 new
Edge Of Darkness(1943)Norway 1942,A German patrol plane flys over a small Norwegian fishing village and sees the Norwegian flag.They signal a troop carrier and the Germans find the nazi garrison and the town all wiped out.The nazi officer in charge goes to the former German headquarters and looks at the reports that were made out days before.
Capt Koenig(Helmut Dantine)was in charge of the town.A high ranking SS officer Major Ruk(Henry Brandon)visits him and wants a report on all the troublemakers in the town.Gunnar Brogge(Errol Flynn)is the underground head and Karen Stensgard(Ann Sheridan)is the girl he loves.Karens father Doctor Stensgard(Walter Huston)is a loyal Norwegian,but a pacifist.His son Johann(John Beal)and brother in law(Charles Dingle)are the local Quislings.
Major Ruk is really a British officer arming the coast with guns with plans for an uprising.
Good WW2 Thriller.

May 23rd 2014 new
white house down
May 23rd 2014 new
pacific rim
May 23rd 2014 new
Manpower(1941)Hank McHenry(Edward G Robinson)and Johnny Marshall(George Raft)are two power linemen and the best of friends.
Pop Duval(Egan Bresner)asks Johnny to go with him to a womens prison where Pops daughter Fay(Marlene Dietrich)is getting out of jail.Fay has little use for her father because he left her and her mother years before.Johnny is disgusted at the way she treated her father.
A few days later Pop is killed in an accident.Hank and Johnny go to tell Fay the news but she couldnt care less.Johnny dispises her more than ever.
Hank falls for Fay but she secretly loves Johnny.When Johnny rejects her she marries Hank.Johnny is injured in an accident and Hank insists he stay with Fay and him until he recovers.Trouble starts when Johnny falls for Fay.
May 25th 2014 new
The Ox Bow Incident(1943)Nevada 1885.Two cattlemen Gil Carter(Henry Fonda)and Art Croft(Henry Morgan)ride into a small cattle town.They walk into a nest of trouble when they find one of the townsfolk Larry Kinkaid was murdered and his cattle rustled.
The town gets up a posse led by exconfederate Major Tatley(Frank Convoy)Gil and Art decide to go along to help catch the rustlers.
The posse come across three cattlemen Donald Martin(Dana Andrews),Juan Martinez(Anthony Quinn)and Alva(Francis Ford)with some of Kinkaids cattle.
It looks bad for the three escpecially when they find Juan is wanted for
One of the best films ever made.

May 25th 2014 new
return to me (2000) david duchovny,minnie driver
widower who emerges from a yr of isolation, eventually meets and begins to date a heart-transplant recipient ... destiny intrudes: his wife's heart is now beating in his new gf chest ... before they met, they were set up with blind dates which did not work .... she works w/grandpa irish/italian restaurant ... romantic and classy ... four men setting up blind date .... casanovas players hanging out after hours .... her name is Gracie who meets widower Bob .... there they go cover the fragile plants w/hair in a bonnet .... amazing growing a garden in the city .... talk about putting your foot in your mouth ..... would you go out with me.... yes... tomorrow nite...eight o'clock ... let's get lost and i have the best hand .... what do i wear ... wear something comfortable ... your going to go w/guy .... don't shave your legs ....
May 25th 2014 new
da vinci code
May 26th 2014 new
the hunger game
May 28th 2014 new
Ramrod(1947)Two cattle/sheep ranchers are at war with each other.Connie Dickson(Veronica Lake)and Frank Ivey(Preston Foster)
Connie wants tough cowboy Dave Nash(Joel McCrea)to be ramrod(Cattle Boss)of her ranch because she feels hes the only one to stand up to Ivey.Dave is in love with Rose Leland(Arleen Whelan)who wants him to throw away his guns.
Soon Ivey and his gang take over the territory and when one of Connies men is badly beaten by Virg(Wally Cassll)oe of Iveys hoods,war is declared.
Honest sheriff(Donald Crisp)doesnt want bloodshed,but there is little he can do.
Good Western cowboy CowGirl
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