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Runners, Where Are You?

May 27th 2014 new
I run....a lot. I have completed 83 marathons. Who else runs? If so, what was your favorite race and why?
May 27th 2014 new
Runner checking in here. Where's the start line? :>)
My favorite races were annual ones in support of a local charity. It's one that I used to run with my dad and sometimes I'd pass him, other times he'd do better.
But now I'm content not competing and go out at night in my neighborhood through all the quiet streets, or head over to the track or gym.

That's impressive, to say the least in regards to the number you've run in.
What was your favorite? Do you do trail runs?

May 27th 2014 new
I love trails. I haven't found them in MA, but I knew them in CO and Germany. My favorite races? Well, Marine Corp for inspiration, but not the size. North Olympic Discovery Trail and the Women's Marathon on the Deadwood Trail are my favorites followed by Mesa Falls (1/2 trail) and Flying Monkey (just fun). I am finishing 50 states this year and intend to do the Great Wall of China for my 100th Marathon, but I am going to cut back. It is an expensive habit. I just love it!

What was your favorite race and distance?
Jul 31st 2014 new
That sounds awe-inspiring. I am not nearly in that category. The most I have ever run is 5K in a charity race. I got away from running for a bit. I really have to pick it up again, but it is so hard to start again.

Trying to run after being away from it from a while is painful to the point of almost being comical - the out-of-breath wheezing, the soreness, the discomfort, the sense that it is just faster and easier to ride a bike or drive a car. I need better motivational inspiration.
Aug 18th 2014 new
I just started running this year, I did my first 5k in May, but I'm a little bit on the hooked side now!
Aug 18th 2014 new
wave Rolling Along Need to hit the rail trails a couple more times before my 5K race in Charleston on the 30th
Aug 20th 2014 new

Except I'm nowhere near your caliber of running awesomeness! I've only been running regularly since February so I'm slowly creeping up my mileage. I threw in college but I was always inspired by the distance crew, even today as a track coach I have the greatest respect for the work our guys and girls put in. I also really love how supportive they are of one another and even me! :D

Aug 20th 2014 new
Rolling Along Rolled about 2 1/2 miles in just under 30 minutes on the rail trail after work today. Felt good. I think I'll be in good shape for the 5K.
Sep 19th 2014 new
Linda, you rock! 83 marathons?? I'm a half marathon runner (haven't done the full 26.2 yet).who started running about 2 years ago. Re: favorite races, if you have never done a Disney race, you need to do one sometime! They are huge, so you probably won't like the size of the field (usually ~20,000 runners) but they are so much fun. No one runs for time. You just dress up in a costume, stop for photos with the characters, and get to run through the castle!
I have heard the Great Wall marathon is tough. They say you literally have to walk portions of it since it goes up stairs! But what an experience that would be! Another international experience you might enjoy is the Inca Trail in Peru. A friend's Dad hiked that (he's also a marathoner) and loved it!
Run happy!
Sep 19th 2014 new
Oh and Angela, best way to motivate yourself is probably to sign up for a race. At least for me, once I hit the "submit" button to register, then I *know* I have to workout, or else I will suffer on race day! Of course, you feel so much better once you start training, but lacing up your shoes is the hard part. Find a race that inspires you and sign up. :-) Or, go buy some cute new running clothes. That also works! ;-)
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