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Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.
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Please pray for my cat

Jun 6th 2014 new
Please pray for my cat Ashes. He is in the hospital severely dehydrated and with a high fever. He is on fluids and IV antibiotics. Tomorrow morning he is having additional tests for cancer or blockages. They just don't know what's wrong with him. He has a history of kidney disease but his blood test results do not indicate worsening of the kidneys from six months ago when he had his last labs. He is 20, but I am not ready to let him go. Please pray that the doctors figure out what's wrong with him and that he doesn't suffer.

Thank you all in advance.
Jun 6th 2014 new
Praying hug hellokitty heartbeat
Jun 7th 2014 new
Prayers offered.
Jun 7th 2014 new
Praying Praying St. Francis of Assisi who loved everyone and also animals, pray for Ashes. God made animals for our enjoyment.
Jun 7th 2014 new
Praying Praying
Jun 7th 2014 new
How about that. There's a patron saint of cats.
Saint Gertrude of Nivelles
  • Memorial: March 17
  • Patronage: cats

    Saint Nicholas of Tolentino
  • Memorial: September 10
  • Patronage: sick animals

    Saint James the Greater
  • Memorial: July 25
  • Patron saint of veterinarians

    rosary - God answers knee-mail
  • Jun 7th 2014 new
    Praying Praying rosary rosary
    Jun 7th 2014 new
    Prayers and hugs Josephine.
    Jun 7th 2014 new
    Thank you everyone for your prayers. I just spoke with the doctor and he said my cat's fever went down a bit and he is comfortable. He's having more tests this morning. He hasn't eaten in a few days and that could damage his liver and a big concern right now. I am going over with his food because my mother actually cooks for him. He's used to my mother's blend and he doesn't hold down canned cat food because he's not used to it. The doctors must think we're crazy by now. I'm going to sneak some holy water and blessed olive oil into his food so they don't think we're really out of our minds.
    Jun 7th 2014 new
    Thank you. May I ask where you get all this fabulous info on saints?
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