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Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Jun 13th 2014 new
Very nice article, thank you for sharing it. Important work happening in Oklahoma, which is appropriate -- the advent of health insurance period was born of activities coordinated and actuated in Oklahoma during the Depression, which established cooperative groups between hospitals and physicians and patients -- allowing access to medical care by allowing the hospitals and physicians to continue to remain open and work. Insurance companies who had previously rejected any interest in providing health insurance, saw the benefit of the concept and health insurance policies were born.
Jun 14th 2014 new
(quote) Charles-976166 said:
Unfortunately, I have no confidence that the Supreme Court will rule against the HHS mandate in the cases before it.

Despite the number of supposed Catholic Justices on the Court, as a group they seem to rule against their faith. Although Justice Ginsburg, after the idiot ruling where the majority opinion was written by Chief Justice Roberts calling the fines in the law a tax, was quoted as saying if the arguments had been made on the basis of the freedom of religion clause, she might be inclined to vote against the laws constitutionality. In the end she too will find a way to justify ruling against the religious arguments.

So, if the Supremes rule as I suspect they will, all this minor victories will turn to ashes.

And sorry for that overlong sentence above. Its almost 1AM and I don't have the mental energy to edit it properly.
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