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Jun 20th 2014 new
Anyone into shooting? I own a 1911, love to take her out (Dolorous, CM, CM, Dolorous) . Also love self defense stuff in general, wondering if any with similar interests....especially women...cuz a woman with a gun AND strong Catholic..heaven. (: Also, im in Louisiana near New Orleans, if anyone near by and want to go shooting hit me up, does not need to be a romantic interest by the way could just be another friend....with a gun.

Jun 23rd 2014 new
Ok this is sad, no replies, no one shoots? this is looking allot like my CM inbox...and my mailbox....and my email...and my voice mail...and my Facebook...and my social life lol i tend to use self-deprecating humor....i just hurt my own feelings...Ok joking done now :)
Jun 23rd 2014 new
I lied....going to have fun with this now. going to have a conversion with myself :) *clears throat*
Hey Neil, i do some shooting, when i can afford it, im even thinking of getting my CCP. SO hang in there, you are not alone in this sport.
Jun 23rd 2014 new
Gee thanx Nail, nice to see someone is really cool and awesome. We should go together sometime, i see you live in New Orleans, am not far form there, and i do not mind driving a distance for a friend, or a relationship (wink wink potential interests). By the way, i assume CCP means concealed carry Permit, does that mean your properly formed conscience would not allow you to be unarmed if someone,especially a loved one, gets attacked? how chivalrous of you...much like G. K Chesterton. Man i wish i was more like you, your so cool...and FUUUUUNNNNNNYYYYYYYY!! i love reading your posts too, very fun and interesting. You must get vies all the time, and sent messages too. With such a great personality as yours why are you on here?
Jun 23rd 2014 new
Thank you, and its Neil...i assume you made a typo...thank you for your kind words, i think we should stop now before some moderator gets annoyed with this super awesome and interesting conversation. I will tell you more telepathically....cuz i can do that....this is the most fun i have had on CM forums....and that my kinda sad................................or would be if i was not totally happy with myself and my ability to be this entertaining. :)
Jun 23rd 2014 new

Neil, Gotta say man, you are a funny guy! Alas, I am nowhere near you geographically, nor do I own a handgun. But keep up the fun attitude and positive outlook, you brighten people's day! I look forward to seeing more from you, keep it up my friend!

Jun 23rd 2014 new
I like to shoot. I grew up around guns but...don't know much about them, lol. I just like to shoot.
Jun 23rd 2014 new
(quote) Meg-920823 said: I like to shoot. I grew up around guns but...don't know much about them, lol. I just like to shoot.
I did see a 500 magnum and a video of a lady firing one. The kick was so strong, it knocked her to the ground. It is more than I want to shoot.
Jun 23rd 2014 new
Hi Neil, wave yes, this is a real person responding to you. No need to have these conversations with yourself any longer. Although, I did find it rather entertaining. laughing

Now to answer your question....Yes I do shoot. gangster I go to the gun range and keep in practice. One never knows. wink I have also had the pleasure of shooting on a trap league and taking the first place slot, much to the displeasure of the grown men who were in competition with me. shocked

Okay, now you can go back to your self-conversations! laughing
Jun 24th 2014 new
first any woman who shoots a gun...the words that come to mind..beautiful...super attractive...and never jealous...well maybe jealous of her husband. You know, i really enjoyed this post, and it has been my joy to bring a smile to your faces....sometimes you need to be silly to drag people out...would you believe i'm actually an introvert? :)
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