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Greetings All

It saddens me when I see celebrities like Joan London advertising Senior living housings for MOM. To me I glean from this trend as another condition of the Me, Me, Me generation. I see it as "I am not interested in Caring for the very one that cared me for so many years.

The Mom, Dad, Aunt, Cousin et all become an irritation to MY life style. Lets place them in a distant housing project so I wont have to deal with them or be imbarresed by having my friends see the Old person living in my home.

When I was growing up I find it hard to remember when our home did not have some relative living with us. We were not wealthy but we had an abundence of love and the desire to assist those in need. Some of the following examples are what I recall;

Uncle Ben, recouperating from Polio, stayed about 2 years

Cousins Ann and Billy, stayed 1 year while parents divorced

Aunt Jane, parapaligic (sp?) stayed 8 months till hospital became available

Grandmother Mable, Matertnal grandmother, stayed more than 5 years till death

Uncle Ralph, alchoholic, stayed 2 years, accepted AA and cleaneed up.

Uncle David, stayed 9 months after death of his wife

They were all family connected but the best visitors were a family of four that we sponsored from Germany Concentration Camps. Yes they were Jews. Fatrher, Mother and 2 children about 8 and 11 years of age. The beauty of these people were their joy in finding freedom. We called them our "Stick Friends" as they were merely skeletons covered only by skin. They stayed with us for about 9 months until my dad found an apartment for them. It was the size of a 2 car garage but they thrieved. My family received so many blessings having these guests in our home . It was tough but we survived and learned to share, trust and love.

In my own family we took in foster children and adopted one. Then when my father-in-law died I told Connie that we had to sell our yacht and buy a house as her mother could not live alone. We brought Ailie home and she lived with us for 6 years till she died. She was involved with every party, dinner celebration, outing and vacation that we took. While we did not get along at first she finally after about 2 years thought I was a nice guy. Yea! I won again.

Finally, I think that we are obligated in love to; Feed the Hungrey, Clothe the naked, Comfort the afflicted, Shelter the homeless, Care for the sick and dying. That can be accomplished best, not in a distant warehouse, rather in the comforting nest of a kind and loving home with family. Warehousing can never give what family can

God love all and keep you all close to His Heart

Be safe, be happy and be in love


Jun 24th new
Yes, the place that Joan Lunden advertises for is called "A Place for Mom". Could there be a more euphemistic name? It reminds me when Marion Crane (in Psycho) suggests to Norman Bates that he put his mother "someplace"---by which she means a madhouse.
Jun 24th new
Excellent post, Philip. You describe the way life used to be, and the way it should be today.
I can't wait to get into an old folks home, so I can pinch the female nurses and hit everyone else with my cane. Just joking!!
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