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Very frustrating

Jun 30th 2014 new
Lately, every time I log on to CM I get a message that my email is invalid. What is up with that? This requires me to close the tab, clear my history cache and then type in "" at which point the website bypasses the log-in screen entirely.

I also loathe the security feature which requires me to furnish my password from time to time for no apparent reason.

I am confused and frustrated.

Jun 30th 2014 new
Joan, why don't you open a ticket and see if you can get some help. This does not happen to me, so I suspect that it might have something to do with your computer or browser.
Jun 30th 2014 new
Thanks for the advice, Susan! I sure hope my one year old iPad is not at fault!
Jun 30th 2014 new
Joan, it happens to me, too, but I just ignore it and click on the Forums column. It goes right to the Fora and allows me to go about my business, including searches and messages. wink
Jun 30th 2014 new
(quote) Joan-1085686 said: Thanks for the advice, Susan! I sure hope my one year old iPad is not at fault!
I understand the frustration. I do not have your issue, but I am having another issue that others are not having.

Find out from Beverly what browser and equipment she is using and that might narrow down the cause.
Jun 30th 2014 new
Hi Joan,

You are receiving that message because your email provider is letting us know that the email address you provided is not valid and that they are not delivering our emails to you. You can stop receiving this message by resubmitting your email address in the box provided.

When accessing any important account-related information, such as your billing information you will be asked to verify your password for security reasons. This is done because many people keep their accounts signed in for very long times (weeks to months) and we feel that it is important to ensure that nobody else who may have access to your device can access your personal information.
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