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There have been a number of threads from people complaining that they have not gotten responses to emails. I have been tracking my contacts and responses, and thought that some of you might be interested in my statistics. For purpose of this analysis, I consider a contact a personalized email to a lady in my area.

26 contacts made (12 on catholic match, 14 on
8 responses (including one emoticon and one no thanks)
18 ladies did not respond.

Out of the 18 ladies who did not respond, six of them looked at my profile, which means 12 of them did not look at my profile. As best as I can tell those 12 ladies were active on the website, which means that they should have received my emails, and had an opportunity to look, but did not bother to look. I have no idea why a lady who received a personalized email would not even bother to look at a profile. It seems kind of odd, even if it was only because of curiosity. Maybe they did not like my photo.

Out of the 8 responses, six of them responded with varying degrees of interest. One of the eight contacted me first, after I favorited her. So far I have had one face to face coffee shop meeting, with her. I have another meeting coming up, perhaps at a weekly dance that the lady usually attends, but that keeps getting put off. One lady just had knee replacement, and one lady just broke her foot, so they are out, at least for a while. I will probably follow up in a month or so with those two ladies. One lady was in California, and wanted to contact me after she got back to Colorado. The sixth lady is still pending, she was concerned that I lived too far away, about one hour, so not sure if that will go forward.

The response rate appeared to be about the same from and

In terms of timing of responses, five of the eight responses were within two or three days, but three of them responded a week or two later. It is possible, then, that this data is not final, that someone who I contacted recently will respond later.

One interesting statistic looked at the ages of the responders. Out of the 26 contacts, ten of the ladies were more than two years younger than I. Only one of the responses was from one of these younger ladies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, my response rate was much lower for the ladies significantly younger than I. Probably the best way to improve your response rate is to only contact people your own age or older. ;-)

If anybody else was willing to share their own data, I would be very interested, whether you respond on the forum, or in a private email.

I would not feel bad if your own data is not so favorable. Somebody told me that I have a great profile, so that helps my response rate. In my age bracket, women outnumber men, so that also helps.

Regardless of the percentage of response that you get, you just have to keep trying. You really need to adopt the salesman mentality, that you have to keep knocking on doors, even if some of them get slammed in your face. Talk to a salesperson about rejection, and how they deal with it. Don't take it personally. You have to keep smiling, keep your chin up, and keep working at it.

Good luck to everyone.


Jul 1st 2014 new
This seems like way to much work for me. Not to mention how sterile and scientific it comes across as! But hey, if it works for you! wave
Jul 1st 2014 new
Richard, this is quite interesting. Thank you for sharing. I think I may do this too and I'll share the responses as can be a little July summertime project (not that I need any more projects, but this one is interesting wink By the way, how long did you say you were keeping track? Just wondering so I can have a similar timeframe to compare to.
Hoping one of these gals works out for you smile God Bless!

Jul 1st 2014 new
It's nice to see someone who's actually trying.
Good luck !! crossfingers
Jul 1st 2014 new
Mary asked over what timeframe I collected the data. This was approximately one month, and I would love to see your data.

Yes, Marge, I am trying. When I set my sights on something, I go to work, make a plan, and generally am successful. I have no doubt that I will find someone, I just don't know how long it will take.

I am sure that statistics on dating seem very sterile and bizarre to many folks. It mostly says a lot about my background. But as far as I know, none of the ladies who I am interested in are active on the forums. ;-)

The best to all of you.

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