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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Step father

Jul 4th 2014 new
What are some experiences with dating someone who has a child and who is practicing the Catholic faith? It's an unclear path for me to step into.
Jul 5th 2014 new

Hmmm...what you talkin' about, Willis? scratchchin

So much depends on circumstances!

Age of child. Whether the child's other parent is alive and involved. Employment & financial status of the custodial parent. Whether the parent makes the child the #1 priority all the time. If the child is older, whether he recognizes and allows the parent's right to adult friendships (i.e., no sabotage).

Whether the childless person actually likes kids or is comfortable with kids. Whether he/she can accept children not their own biologically. Whether he/she can be understanding of legitimate needs of the child -- and point out when some is being unreasonable.

I'm, too, wondering how being Catholic makes ANY difference....

Jul 5th 2014 new


This is a thread that I am familiar with.

When I asked Connie to Marry me I told her that I am not marrying a Step Wife, therefore I will never have Step Children.

Her two girls 13 and 16 years old would be from this day forward my daughters. They would be loved no less or more than the children of my loin.

40 years later those two women ar my strongest champions and protectors. They both have a powerful love of me and we did have all the problems while growing up. As parents, not step parents it is important to love completely, and until you are capable of that love I don't recommend that union as all you will get is conflict.

BTW, their Father was in the picture but they call me Dad and Father. They have had nothing to do with him for the last 35 + years. I am their father along with my other 7 children.

God love and you love also

Be safe, be happy and be in love


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