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It's been fun. I joined to meet men, and I have met a few. But like many of you who have posted about the lack of responses, I've come to the conclusion that many of the men on here are not really looking to meet. I read that in several forums and hoped that wouldn't be my experience. So, I sent messages to many men who had common interests and were within reasonable driving distances. Some were in my hometown and did not respond; some who did not were within 25 miles. I was willing to be within a hundred mile radius. My responses were not even in the 20/80 average range. My question is, "Why else are we here?'' said with a smile. Therefore, as of July 21, if he snoozes, he loses.
I will miss reading the forums. I enjoyed the all the humor and the good natured optimism I found there. I have been attending meet-up events in Reading, Lancaster, Allentown, and Bethlehem, as well as concerts and singles dances, so perhaps that's where I will find Mr. Right.
Best of luck to all of you!

Jul 6th 2014 new
wishing you the same Bonnie ....

off the record, may I add this as it seems the tune in here or maybe not one must see otherwise, not meaning to be pessimism, where there is a downsize there is usually a surge of upside of optimism !!! hug Praying Dove theheart rosary Dove rose rose rose
Jul 6th 2014 new
Awe. I apologize on behalf of my male friends. Men can be, timid, very timid. They often think that starting a conversation online is like starting a serious relationship. Partially kidding and not so much:) Online dating is more like a portal to open up opportunities for a conversation to see if you do match up enough to maybe continue getting to know each other. CM does a very good job at getting some of the questions out of the way. Questions that matter a good deal just from the profiles. I can't say I've been on here long enough to know you well, but I'd wish you just the same :)
Jul 6th 2014 new
Joseph, thank you for your kind words. I like what you said about online dating being a portal. I will remember that because it creates a beautiful image. I will stay optimistic and keep putting myself out there. i just joined another Meet-Up group today. I'm in seven. Some of us are going to a Motown concert tonight. There's a dance lesson on Wednesday night ( West Coast Swing ) and a concert on Tuesday night and one on Saturday night where at least 2000 people show up and dance. I'm sure to have fun while I'm looking for Mr. Right! And of course I wish you the best, as well.
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