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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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How much time should one spend on CM?

Jul 16th at 02:32am new
This is a topic I've asked my self recently. How much time should you spend on CM? I find that as I'm balancing out time between prayer, family, friends, work, and other daily activities, CM's becoming less and less a part of my day. I mean how long does it take me to log on and check prayer intentions, email, read a few topics, and call it a day. Of all the things CM has to offer, I must say the prayer intentions is where I will place my focus. While I have met some women of spiritual quality, I often find that it is too easy to dismiss someone for whatever reason here. People too often hide behind this digital screen and take too much security in it. To love is to risk, and I find that it is something too few people on here are willing to do, but back to the topic. I say I'll give 10 minutes tops a day if that. How much time should anyone spend?
Jul 16th at 03:16am new
Just remember that you paid good money for a membership, so do what you can to make the most of it! smile
Jul 16th at 06:44am new
My time on CM varies, usually depends on how much time I have, how much other stuff I have done, and if there are any interesting topics on the forums or on the institute blog.

I guess the time you invest on CM depends on what your primary goals in life are and also on the particular uses for the site. However, a good balance is good. If someone were to be sitting on CM 4 + hours a day I may have to question if they are just desperate to find someone, if they spend enough time praying, volunteering, if they are gainfully employed, and if they are devoting any time to the world around them....
Jul 16th at 08:29am new
I log on first thing in the morning with coffee. Shower, work, dinner, chores etc. In the evening I sit down at computer. Then I notice i've been logged on since 5AM. So the correct answer is all day.
Jul 16th at 10:46am new
(quote) John-559440 said: I log on first thing in the morning with coffee. Shower, work, dinner, chores etc. In the evening I sit down at computer. Then I notice i've been logged on since 5AM. So the correct answer is all day.
I am like you John, I am "on-line" here all the time because I don't tend to remember to log out on my phone. In reality, I check in for 15 or 20 minutes in the morning, and then after the kids go to bed, I get on again. I try to limit my time in the evenings to 30 minutes but sometimes the discussions are too interesting to leave. So now you see me here, now you don't. I off to tackle laundry. Joy!
Jul 16th at 2:04pm new
when I read this topic I laughed. had to because I spend a lot of time here especially during the summer months when I'm off from work. Hey, I'm on vacation, you know.
During prime time TV I'll turn my shows on and also read and participate in the forums during that time. I have a hard time leaving this site so I often switch back and forth between my facebook page, reading my emails, catching up with friends on the phone and CM.

Jul 16th at 10:20pm new
Great answers have been posted so far, especially the "all day long" one. :P My two cents would be to keep in mind that the call to marriage is a noble thing to spend time exploring - this while watching our other duties as Christians and citizens of the world.
Jul 16th at 10:37pm new
I think it depends on why you joined and what you're getting out of it.
Jul 18th at 11:45am new
How much time someone "should" spend on CM, is entirely dependent on how someone manages their time and other obligations, and living a daily balanced life not in front of any one device. scratchchin boggled biggrin

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