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I never thought...

Jul 18th 2014 new
Tomorrow I am driving to meet someone I have begun a friendship with on this site. He invited me to sing Mass with him in his church. It's not a long drive but it feels like a big deal. I wasn't sure I would ever meet a man of his quality at this stage in my life.
If any of you is so inclined, would you please take a moment to pray that this meeting goes well for both of us?
I'm not asking for a miracle (lol) but instead that our time together is positive, enjoyable and enriching.
Thank you in advance.
Jul 18th 2014 new
What a wonderful way to meet someone. Even if it is only a friendship, how special is it that you can share faith? I would love a first date like that!
Jul 18th 2014 new
Hoping and praying the best for you two Michele! =)
Jul 18th 2014 new
Lovely prayer request. I'm happy to pray for something like this, God Bless you both, and enjoy your time together!
Jul 18th 2014 new
Praying hug Prayers going out to you both! And the most wonderful relationships start and continue with friendship ! Praying rose theheart
Jul 18th 2014 new
Thank you, Ladies. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement very much. I pray for all of you as well. Praying rose hug
Jul 18th 2014 new
Take it slow.
Keep it real.
Use your head.
Have fun! wave thumbsup
Jul 21st 2014 new
Just as an update: I did keep it real. We did take it slow. The meeting was cordial, comfortable and appropriate. It was a pleasant break for me and gave me a. Hanse to see someone else's corner of the world. That pretty much sums it up. Thanks again for your support.
Jul 21st 2014 new
I also met a guy at his church. He invited me to attend Mass at his parish as he had 4 jobs that Sunday. I had to go to just observe how he could do all of it-no one takes on multiple tasks all in the same Mass at my parish. He was a greeter(missed me though as I got there before he was at the door-little Boy Scout greeted me). Then he was a lector, took up collection and was an Eucharistic Minister. It was all manageable. He is a very busy guy though and we have not really dated but that is okay. I still consider him a friend. I have met another guy but he does not live here locally so don't know what will happen there. I did meet him several hours away several weeks ago and had a nice time. I'm always up for an adventure and enjoy driving. Good luck to you-being invited to meet at church is wonderful I think.😄Carol

Jul 21st 2014 new

Glad for the update! biggrin

Here's hoping for a lovely friendship to develop for you. crossfingers

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