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Saint Valentine is patron saint of love, young people, and happy marriages.
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Homily on John 2:1-11 readings on the wedding of Cana along with being on marriage & what St Augustine wrote about this great sacrament that is under attack today by the culture of
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Good message, thanks for posting.
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The Sweet Cross of Marriage
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(quote) Susan-1048377 said: Good message, thanks for posting.
Great Sermon! You are welcome.
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Thanks....very good sermon!
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So nice to hear the broader explanation of the wedding at Cana and the running out of wine.
Woman = highest title of respect. Love it. And more...

The whole sermon is uplifting.

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There is a whole book of St Augustines writings on Marriage and Sexuality (I think that is the title),
My personal preference is though for St John Chrystom's wrting on the same toppic (I think St Augustine alludes to them), titled on Marriage and Family Life (to my best of memmory). Although the first book can be valuable, I much, much more prefer the second (the copy of the book that I have is from an Eastern Orthodox publisher, and I think there is no Catholic publisher who published all of St Chrystom's seromons in one volume, but that does not detract from them being in line with Catholic teaching, since this is well before the Schism).
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