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Saint Valentine is patron saint of love, young people, and happy marriages.
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I saw an old article in the blogs about Bridezillas and a new one about wedding preparations, and it got me thinking about how backwards society has it with marriage. I do understand where women are coming from in that they want the day to go smoothly and want this kind of cake or that kind of ceremony. We also need to learn compromise. However, I do think their is a difference between wanting something for your wedding and being a Bridezilla. It got me thinking about how there are a lot of nice women out there and yet the bridezillas are the ones who get married, even the ones who take it to the extreme.
How does the vocation of marriage fit into this? I will occasionally hear priests talk about praying for vocations to the priesthood. While I do think we are in a great crisis right now with the lack of priests, we are also in a great marriage crisis. Too many people don't take their marriage vows seriously. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce! I'd say that's a crisis right there! I'm not saying there are not legit reasons why some people are divorced-some didn't want the divorce while the other spouse did. Some are victims of domestic abuse or some did not understand what it took to make a marriage to begin with. So many people don't view it as a sacrament. So many people, even Catholics, are on the birth control pill to prevent births of children. So many people are co-habitating. Then there are so many of us who would do this the right way and feel they are in a "limbo land" of sorts being of marriage age but not being married.
I guess I don't really have a conclusion. It is more like a rant from a fed up single girl who hasn't fullfilled her calling. If I do get married someday, I would do it with the intention of doing it the right way by raising my kids to God's glory.
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