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Singles discussion related to wedding planning, engagement, and married life should be posted in this room.

Saint Valentine is patron saint of love, young people, and happy marriages.
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www.catholicmatch.comby Bryan Mercier on Jul 29th, 2014
Jul 30th 2014 new
(quote) Bernard-2709 said: Bryan Mercier on Jul 29th, 2014
Yet there are bridezillas on tv who get married and nice Catholic women on this site (Hey pinkies!). lady's handkerchief Where is the justice? boggled
Sep 28th 2014 new
Since I have read this topic's name I have decided to consider the wedding planning as an analogy of a growing fetus. Such that to grow and learn with the future wife to know about her joys of the wedding day, AND for me to encourage and communicate during the wedding day so it is a big success for everyone just like the baby's birth.
Sep 28th 2014 new
Absolutely! The two should become one!
I remember when one of my brothers got engaged on Christmas, everyone was surrounding his bride to be, looking at the ring and congratulating her and I looked over at him walked over and gave him a big hug! And everyone looked and said yeah you're right we forget about the man!
All I want to do is get married at a Catholic church in front of the Eucharist. No big party, just some coffee and..afterwards. Sure it would be nice to have a pretty dress on, cuz we women like to feel pretty, but they have second hand dresses hardly worn or never worn at resale shops for around $50-100 including the vail.
When my late husband and I got married, I made my vail and bouquet myself. We both made all of the decisions, and the party was very simple, only close family and a few friends.
It has gotten out of hand it seems it's more about the party than the Sacrament. They're centered on themselves not God.
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