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Chatroom Glitch?

Aug 3rd 2014 new
In the chatroom if you try and view someones profile it is sending me to my own profile. Anyone know what is going on with this?
Aug 3rd 2014 new
Hi Beth Anne,
Sorry for taking so long to respond, but I had to wait until there were other members in the chat rooms when I was on in order to replicate the problem you stated.
It seems the URL that is being used in the chat rooms intended to allow you to view the full profile of a member in the chat room is being formed wrong. When the information after the ? in the URL is incorrect the software automatically sends you back to your own profile since the one listed is not understood as valid.
As an example:
If I were in the chat room and you were to click on me in the list and choose to view the profile the URL that you would be directed to is as follows: (Note: clicking on the link below should bring you to your own profile in that the link is not correct)

The problem is that the information after the question mark is supposed to be the user id - but is instead both the users name AND the user id.
It shows as: ?user_id=Dave-976637
Where as it should show as ?user_id=976637

An easy way around the problem is to simply remove the name and dash that follows in the URL and then hit enter on your keyboard to go to the corrected URL.

Have not been in the chat rooms for ages here - so have not noticed it before. My guess is that the the developers here at CM will attepmt to make the necessary corrections in any upcoming update for bug fixes that they may be working on in regards to the chat rooms.

Hope the above information helps.

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