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Is this your profile?

Aug 3rd 2014 new

I'm a person that really doesn't like talking about myself, so I wrote this as fast as I could.

I am seeking first a best friend and maybe a life partner, if I can get my annulment and my parents' permission.

I am looking to meet someone who is trusting and true, since my ex was neither.

I am a devout Catholic, and I am passionate about my Catholic faith! Expect me to drag you to mass every day at 7 AM.

I like to have fun and enjoy life. I am very young at heart, but the rest of my body is kind of worn out.

I'm looking for someone who is loyal, true, honest, hard working but knows how to have fun and laugh. I expect you to make me happy, buster.

Aug 3rd 2014 new
Uh, no.
Is it yours or did you just find it lying around somewhere without a name on it?
Aug 3rd 2014 new
It is actually a satire, but based on real profiles that I have read. Large parts of it are quotes from real profiles, but you can probably figure out what I added.
Aug 3rd 2014 new
My answer: No! smile
Aug 10th 2014 new
is a profile merely words cemented to paper with a lack of lively action, or something that one may say is robotic in nature, bc it has little substance, that should the real you emerge it becomes like a picture of a lava molting slowly away engulfed by water ..... rose hug Praying Dove theheart rosary Dove rose rose rose
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