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An odd survey?

Aug 5th 2014 new
I'd like to get an idea what people like to eat. Better nutrition was the key to getting my immune system back into the fight against braun cancer. Vine ripened produce has the most nutrients, and better taste!, than most of the food supply in the US.

I'd like to start a year round greenhouse that provides vine ripened and as much as possible nonGMO produce. The nonGMO to see how all the food allergies are effected.

. Reply with the produce you'd love to eat fresh out of a garden, please.

Aug 5th 2014 new
There is a never-ending list here!

I'd highly suggest going to 'High Mowing Organic Seed' for excellent non-GMO seed stock. I've used them for several years and their stuff is top notch.

Cucumber, kale, chard, beans and tomatoes for my top 5 for ease of growth. And yes, the taste and color are much much better than what I find in a store : )
Aug 5th 2014 new
Clair, don't know that it'll help you much to know what I like, but you might consider heirloom tomatoes and pair them with fresh herbs like basil. Greens like kale and chard can be delightful, but that's when they're cooked with bacon... Is bacon something you can get locally without all kinds of nasty stuff in it? In my neck of the woods, there's uncured bacon available.
When it comes right down to it, all home grown veggies without lots of stuff sprayed on 'em are delectable and healthy.
Have you checked to see if there are any Community Supported Agriculture Co-Ops near you? The ones I know of tend to be militantly organic (sometimes a bit nutzo like when they say in their guidelines for what to expect when it's your turn to help at the farm, "If you choose to use repellants in your relationship with insects..." and then tell you to roll in lemon balm before you go outside.) so that should take care of toxins and GMO's.
Two green thumbs up.
Aug 5th 2014 new
Straight from the garden? I LOVE fresh rhubarb! I also like peas, beets, potatoes, carrots, watermelon, tomatoes... We used to grow all of that and more. Those are my favorites. smile
Aug 5th 2014 new
That is a neat idea. :) Wish I was in Nebraska to see it. Cucumbers. I could eat them every day. Tomatoes taste more delicious from the garden than from the store. Fresh spinach. And maybe some nice herbs like dill or basil and so on. I eat cabbage when I want to lose a few pounds it is a very flexible vegetable but it is so cheap that your investment might be better spent on other vegetables. I also enjoy red bell peppers, peapods, mushrooms. Would you be growing fruit too? I love berries. All berries (well all the edible ones) and I do worry about pesticides on my food as well as the whole GMO thing.
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