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Communication Crisis

Aug 7th 2014 new

There are all sorts of crisis in communication in the Catholic Church these days. We fail to state the good news at times. For instance, that there are martyrs in Iraq and Syria and Africa in our very day, as I type, is bad news because of suffering and because of the sin of the perpetrators. However, it is also good news. Our brothers are shedding their lives for Christ. That is Christianity, not the lukewarm existence we have in our country, unless and insofar as we enter the cross in our own hidden humble ways.

Another major kind of communication crisis is failure to be clear. Failure to speak the Full Truth to Catholics. After all, the first and foremost audience of the Magisterium, of the Bishops, of the Priests, is none other than Catholics. Catholics are the first audience. And they deserve the Full and Unadulterated Truth.

But this they are not getting. This they have not been getting for decades. Rather, they are getting mixed messages, unclear speech, cold water on legitimate zeal, rebuke for anything possibly smacking of excess.

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Aug 7th 2014 new

But listen to Cardinal Spellman. He argued that the document should not be silent on these titles just because it would be difficult for Protestants. He stated:

The task of the Ecumenical Council is to teach the members of the Church, rather than those outside of it.

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