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Just curious to meet some fellow vegetarians who are also passionate about their faith. I've been a vegetarian for nine years. While I didn't become vegetarian for religious reasons, I think the discipline involved in not eating meat has helped me commit to certain things which strengthen my faith, like daily prayer. Anyine else have a similar experience?
Aug 28th 2014 new
I'm glad you've had that result.
My daughter has been a vegetarian for more than five years. The change I've seen in her is a fixation/concentration on food, which seems unbalanced relative to all the other things one might want to spend time thinking about.
Aug 28th 2014 new
Not a vegetarian per se but before I got slack about my prayer life I used to only eat small amounts of fruit and vegatables before a prayer session.. I don;'t know why but meat was out. Would be interested to know if others do this more or less involuntarily.
Sep 1st 2014 new
I was a vegetarian for almost six years. It was really good in helping me learn more about self-mastery. But eventually I missed the chicken noddle soup, and bacon, and went back.
Sep 2nd 2014 new
I tried it. I was a vegetarian for 7years, about. I had bad luck on it though. I ate heathly, but ended up getting high cholesterol and other problems. I ended up going completely opposite, and went on the Paleo diet. My cholesterol dropped drastically and I lost some weight.

I'm a HUGE meat eater now. I joke that I'm still making up for all the years of no meat. laughing
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