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Why do we say certain things?

Aug 29th 2014 new
I'm trying to learn some of these idioms. Please name one and explain. For instance:

"knock on wood":

There isnt a person alive on the planet who can say for certain what effect knocking on wood is meant to have, but there are some competing ideas and all of them are based on the Celtic notion that spirits reside within trees. By knocking on wood for good luck, a person may be rousing a spirit within to do their best to make a wish come true. Conversely, knocking on wood as a form of protection when making a boastful claim, such as when one reports they have never broken a bone in their body, is considered to generate noise within the tree so that any malevolent spirit cannot hear the boast and bring an ironic wrath upon the boaster.
Aug 31st 2014 new
knock on wood. I always say that as I bang on my forehead> As someone with a celtic past I always think that the fairies are helping me. Then there is the "little people" All over Ireland are there little people. Of course you also need to be careful of the banshee's.
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