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Hello Everyone, just wanted to know what should people know about you, and what is important to you while you are in a relationship? For its about listening and being there for the other. Also, being yourself and showing yourself as your own man proves to other that you are comfortable in your skin. Also, you show determine girt to preserve the relationship by giving gifts that are to their liking. This proves to them that you dear and you do listen, and know what I like. Thus the relationship will flourish, she or he sees your commitment in true form. We are here learn from you, so in this vein, what should one know about you?
Sep 7th 2014 new
Well for me, I think any guy should know it takes me a while to warm up new people, especially when it comes to guys. Though I've been trying to 'work on' warming up to and feeling comfortable with people more quickly, I still have this air of wariness and precaution, not trusting others until and unless they and I have been in a situation where their trustworthiness has been tested...

Also, I'm very natural in my appearance and really have no desire for things overly materialistic or wasteful. Stuff people have doesn't impress me and being wasteful often annoys/angers me. I prefer instead, rather, to see how they conduct themselves in thoughts, words and actions. I'm all about getting to know people face to face so as to get a feel for who they really are, but again am quite cautious at the start of doing so.

And lastly, I'm not one to sit back or shut up if/when I see an injustice is going on right in front of me! I don't like or search out confrontation, but there are just certain instances where I have to step in and say or do something, despite others walking by...just warning ya wink

Okay, so now you all know wink

What about you William? What should we know about you?

Sep 8th 2014 new
Well since you asked so nicely, am a hardworking man, who takes the time out to listen and get a fuller sense into new people I am interested in. I have learned to give the ladies space and respect they need to respond back to my responses. I post these posts to yield to you and for others into conveying that am putting in the effort into outlining what I am and what I am bring to the table.

Also, I love reading and its one of the best hobbies one can get into. I love reading daily devotional and to gleam the lords messages everyday. I also sing in my church's choir and take comfort in bringing people sounds of joy. I also volunteer at the library and take satisfaction at helping people out there. So am a people person, and strive to do more to help them. Donating food or money for the poor what I do also, as they gospel says when has more, more is required.

Also, I am honest and dependable and willing to stop what I am doing and listen to you, if you are going through some rough patches in life. I do not lie, there is no time or room for it. Am willing to venture into trying out new things, and broadening my horizons. I like a little adventure. Anyways,that is me, and the important aspects I want people to know.
Sep 8th 2014 new
Great thread, William! Thanks for starting it.
I think anyone who knows me should know that I am very much my worst critic. Usually, I know my faults and am frustrated with having them. If someone points out that I have a fault, then I internally scold myself for it. I've learned to deal with this tendency, but it makes me slow to open up to people. I respond to patience and encouragement, not anger or frustration. I try to improve myself so much that sometimes I wear myself out, so to have someone get angry with me over a fault that I've been working hard to correct can be devastating. I am also uncomfortable with confrontation, which is a big roadblock to my pursuit of manhood.

I very much respect individuality and others' free-will, so I try to make others comfortable around me so they can be their true selves. If I believe someone should change, I want them to do it genuinely and of their own free-will, and not just to please me. I let the little things slide, and like to live life drama free!

I actively work on those virtues that don't come easy to me, such as correcting others when it is necessary and asking for things I need. I've learned that being humble is often about deliberately placing myself in situations where I am vulnerable in order to achieve a greater good. This takes a lot of courage, which something that is not natural to me. So please pray for me, so that I may one day have the courage to provide, protect, and care for my family!
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