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This room is for supportive and informative discussion about divorce and/or the annulment process. All posters must have been previously divorced or annulled.

Saint Eugene De Mazenod is patron of dysfunctional families & Saint Fabiola obtained a divorce from her first husband prior to devoting her life to charitable works.
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Hi everyone,

After almost 150 dollars and a lot of digging I finally have all my documents. I am filling for anullment. I meet with the Deacon tomorrow to complete the paperwork and send it in. I was told since I married outside the Church without dispensation it's failure to follow form and that our Diocese takes about 2-3 months for that. I cannot believe how crazy it was to hunt down all the documents needed to get this done. Gone are the days when they cost 5-10 dollars--I paid 33 dollars for one document...I couldn't believe it. Because my first husband was deceased I basically had to do two marriages. I had to get a death certificate and marrige license for that marriage and divorce decree as well. I'm exhausted and glad that this will finally be taken care of and out of my life.

I'm not in a hurry and I am, I know you understand. Not to remarry, certainly nowhere near that, but just to get on with my life and know that is behind me. Blessings to all on this journey.

Lorrie faint

05/07/2012 new

Praying hug Praying theheart rosary

Hang in there, Lorrie. The work part is done - now the wait.

05/08/2012 new
You will feel so much better just knowing the paperwork is finally turned in. Good job! Praying rosary theheart
05/08/2012 new

Yay for you! My annulment was like a green light to move forward into the rest of my life. I hope you will feel the same way, Lorrie!

05/08/2012 new

Well I met with the Deacon and it's all set. He set it's a clear case of lack of form. I am so relieved as I am told that hopefully it will only take a week or two. He said the former priest would drop them off in the morning and then pick them up DONE in the afternoon. Wow! I am still not going to be able to totally relax until I hear word officially. Our Deacon is an amazing man of God. I got a chance to talk to him and he's very gifted and a great model of the faith. I appreciate all he did to make this actually enjoyable--we were laughing and talking and said a prayer together.

Once this is done, I can move on!


05/08/2012 new

Congratulations, Lorrie!

I'll be starting my Lack of Form annulment very soon. I hope mine goes as smoothly as yours.

05/08/2012 new

WOOT! highfive

05/08/2012 new

Prayers that this goes as smoothly as your Deacon says it will.

05/08/2012 new

Thanks for much for all the encouragement. I appreciate it so much.

05/09/2012 new

It's so funny. I came on here looking to make friendships with men and see if I could meet someone and I find that the there are great men to talk to on here but the community of loving and supportive women was a HUGE bonus I never anticipated. I am so blessed to have met you, dear sisters, and may God bless you abundantly for your support, comments, advice, and swift kicks when I need them. I cannot thank you enough. I don't really have friends to hang out with so I'm alone after work if the church doesn't have activities. So thanks for you much needed support.

Love in our sisterhood,


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