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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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06/22/2012 new

When you play solitaire you can only beat yourself.
Barton MacLane
Red Light
This is the last roundup for Stacey.
George Raft
Each Dawn I Die
Nobody likes living with a noisy conscience.
Tom Tully
My right hand hasnt seen my left hand in thirty years.
Burt Lancaster
Sweet Smell Of Success
Why do you want to carry a gun?
William Bendix
It makes me feel two feet taller.
Edmond OBrien
The Web
Who was murdered?
I was.
Edmond OBrien
I aint so tough.
James Cagney
Public Enemy

06/24/2012 new

Your a good man,sister.
Humphrey Bogart
The Maltese Falcon
Get on your feet.Ive taken all the riding from you Im gonna take.Get up and shoot it out.
Elisha Cook JR
Young wild west.
Humphrey Bogart
The Maltese Falcon
When your slapped youll take it and like it.
Humphrey Bogart to Peter Lorree
The Maltese Falcon
I might look dumb,but thats an advantage.
Elisha Cook JR
Tin Pan Alley
The bands of matrimony can weigh heavy on a mans soul.
Lawyer to Claire Trevor
Born To kill
Thats life.Whichever way you turn fate sticks out a foot to trip you.
Tom Neal

06/25/2012 new
(Quote) Elizabeth-384374 said: (Quote) Ginny-856640 said: NO MORE RHYMES NOW! I MEAN IT! Anyone w...
(Quote) Elizabeth-384374 said:

Ginny-856640 said: NO MORE RHYMES NOW! I MEAN IT!

Anyone want a peanut?

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
06/26/2012 new

Orson Welles
Citzen Kane
Home is where you come when you run out of places.
Barbra Stanwck
Clash By Night
Im afraid I dont like your manner.
Douglas Watson
Ive had complaints,but it keeps getting worse.
Dick Powell
Murder My Sweet
Moneys nice,but it doesnt make the world go round.
Phil Carey
Dont it?
Fred MacMurray

06/30/2012 new

They say native Californians all come from Iwoa.
Fred MacMurray
Double Indemnity
Cody Jarrett.He finally made it to the top of the world.
Philip Carey
And it blew right up in his face.
Edmond OBrien
White Heat
Im partial to blondes.
Edmond OBrien
Who isnt?
Philip Carey
White Heat

07/04/2012 new

It's been so long since I done anything right.......I can't even remember it. July Johnson, Lonesome Dove

07/04/2012 new

Id look good in a mink coat.
Virginia Mayo
Youd look good in a shower curtain.
James Cagney
White Heat
Whats the matter with him?
Edmond OBrien
Hes flipped.The musics driving him crazy.
Douglas Evans
What happened?
Blake Edwards
The road curved,but I didnt.
Van Heflin
The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers

07/04/2012 new

Life will find a way.

- Jurassic Park

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't just kill their husbands...they just don't."

- Legally Blonde

That second one is much funnier being said than read :)

07/05/2012 new

Heres to the drink habit.Its the only one I got that dont get me into trouble.
Marc Lawrence
The Asphalt Jungle
The newspaper readers forget fast.It goes in one eye and out the other.
William Conrad
The Racket
The work of the police,like that of women,is never done.
He Walked By Night.

07/07/2012 new

Betty Hutton
Incendiary Blonde
I need a drink.What do you say?
Robert Ryan
I say I need a drink.
Barbra Stanwyck
Clash By Night
Crime is a left handed form of human endeavour.
Sam Jaffe
The Asphalt Jungle

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