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Outside the Box

"Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father." —John 14:9

"IF YOU STAY within the box, your life will be enslaved to pride and to the unremitting defense of your own ego. But outside the box, in Christ, you will find true peace in service to others."

"What a waste to stay in the box and play the games that the world plays in its spiritual blindness and ignorance of sin! What a waste to cling to your “self” and its attachments to the world! What a waste to refuse to empty your “self” in Christ! What a waste to renounce the Cross by filling yourself with the world’s frivolity and vanity, thus joining a God-forsaking culture in hiding its pain behind illusions where truth can never reach!"

"Our only hope is Christ. To see Christ is not only to see the Father, but it is also to recognize the fraud of the world that enslaves us."

Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.

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"In a practical sense, chastity refers to abstinence from all sexual activity which is not open to procreation between a man and a woman within the indissoluble bond of Holy Matrimony. In other words, if you are living in the man-woman bond of Holy Matrimony, to live a holy lifestyle it is necessary to abstain from all sexual activity that is not ordered to procreation. If you’re not living in the man-woman bond of Holy Matrimony, to live a holy lifestyle it is necessary to abstain from all sexual activity."

Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.

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Audio Sancto Sermon length: 21 minutes 22 seconds

Love Leads To Perfection

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Our bodies are meant to be chaste and modest temples of the Holy Spirit so that we can relate to others through our hearts with true love. Our bodies are not meant to be covered with the graffiti of tattoos (Leviticus 19:28), or made into works of “art” with fashionable costumes, piercings, hair dye, gaudy make up, shaven heads, or hostile punk hair styles. Our bodies are not meant to be defiled by making our reproductive organs into the equipment of a recreational sport. Nor are our bodies meant to be made into instruments of social acceptance, expressions of vanity and pride, or provocations to lust.

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