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This room is for supportive and informative discussion about divorce and/or the annulment process. All posters must have been previously divorced or annulled.

Saint Eugene De Mazenod is patron of dysfunctional families & Saint Fabiola obtained a divorce from her first husband prior to devoting her life to charitable works.
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10/23/2012 new

I liked what you had to say about making friends with yourself. That's so true.

I really can't go out and do...things....groups and such because I work a rotating schedule. Each month I have different days off and work a different set of hours. So, college courses, church groups....I'm pretty much knocked out of being able to attend.

I, also have virtually nothing in common with the people I work with, so socializing with them out of work is pretty much shot as well.

I do read (buying a Kindle was the best present I gave myself), study my lessons, and write. i write a lot! :)

I also sleep with a pillow and stuffed animals. They don't hog the bed or steal the covers.......:)

(Quote) Deborah-550454 said: Hi Lorrie, It takes some time to really get used to living alone after having shared a h...
(Quote) Deborah-550454 said:

Hi Lorrie,

It takes some time to really get used to living alone after having shared a home with someone for a long time. I didn't have the challenges that you are struggling with, perhaps because in many ways my marriage was over long before we seperated. I was even a little worried at one point because I never thought about him after we split up. I still don't.


I still had to adjust to living alone though. I hardly ever eat at my dining room's just too lonesome after all the years raising the kids, when we all sat down to dinner together. I sit on my couch and eat dinner, usually every night. You kinda have to make friends with yourself, because you spend so much time with yourself. You finally now, have the chance to do what you want to do. Resurrect an old hobby, I started doing needlework again and that keeps my hands busy. If I would be brooding or sad, I made myself get up and clean something. When your hands are busy, your mind is focused and soon you forget whats bugging you. Maybe if you took morning walks or afternoon walks.. that would help to allieviate the sluggishness that you are feeling. Excercise makes me feel better when I am blue. Reading is excellent for taking your mind off of everything, and when you put the book down, your mind is refresed and you are no longer thinking about sad stuff.


Oh, the arm hitting the empty bed! Yeah, that's rough. Try hugging a pillow when you drift off...I've heard that this works. Good Luck Lorrie!

I'm sorry that you are suffering.


11/11/2012 new

I have been very lonely after my divorce as well, one thing that really works is exercising. If you can join a gym do it, I only pay $22 a month and no contract. If you don't want to do that, just walk for 35 min or more, you will feel better the first day you try it. And at night you will be too tired and will fall asleep quickly. You won't even think about being alone. Good luck, I understand how you feel.

11/13/2012 new


Thank you for sharing that. It is so true- We are loved.

11/14/2012 new

Hi I don't get bored of dating I do get frustrated.I think one way is for me to be around family.Daying is hard some are to far not what you are looking or not ready to date.They say they are but really not ready.Having a connection is so important.Everyone says start out as friends and see where it goes.I don't know about that.look at it this way you start out as friends and find there is no connection do you really stay in contact with them.I have not dated in 30 years so it's hard to get back into it I don't like bar so where do you go.Dating sites are ok but a lot of fake people to

11/17/2012 new
11/17/2012 new
I. E been very lonely since my divorce, I don't find that on line dating helps. I was excited about it at first but now I feel like it makes one more lonely. Dating is not easy either.mmi take comfort in cooking and writing and being with girlfriends. To find a good group of friends or support group is key. Hope that helps. Victoria.
12/01/2012 new

I suggest a puppy! smile When my old dog died I got Buddy. He keeps me hopping! wave

12/01/2012 new

How are you doing, L???

So many people care about you!!! hug

Happy New Liturgical 2013, Year of the Faith! Isn't that appropriate? HE does it all so well...


12/01/2012 new

Daily reading of God's holy word , dailt Mass, prayer , exercise , and random acts of knidness , volunteer work, phone calls, skype , good movies, walks , dinner out , good christian movies , hallmark channel, letters to loved ones and CM forum , get your sleep , radio, music , activities ,
bowling , pool , swimming , go for walks , visit the sick, visit the jail, wash your car and clean your house regularily, Pray , eeat good meals
read good books , and of course Shop for Christmas, sing at a nursing home , read childrens stories at the library , surf the net , and never give up hope that God will give you exactly what and who you need right when you need it , pay you bills , laundry , bike rides , travel on booked tours

the list goes on and on :)

12/01/2012 new

support groups and online education as well as cooking for and inviting over your neighbors

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