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09/12/2012 new

(Quote) Jennifer-706848 said: Good morning my over 45 single Catholics - I met a gentleman last Wednesday fo...
(Quote) Jennifer-706848 said:

Good morning my over 45 single Catholics -

I met a gentleman last Wednesday for the "coffee meet and greet". I met him via a secular site (it begins with a vowel ) In any event it went quite well, what I was apprehensive about prior to meeting (he is 64, yeah I know I am 51, and had lost his wife in a horrific car accident about 4 years ago) but once meeting it went well, conversation was smooth and engaging, he is a practicing Catholic, certainly showed interest, etc. The other thing I liked is that he was upfront (not in a snarky way) that he was dating, and that he had another date on Friday night, I said that is probably a good idea since he is getting back in the pool (he had a relationship about a year ago that ended)

It hasn't happened in quite a while, but as I was driving home I thought "hmmm, now this just might have possibilities"

You guessed it, my phone has been woefully quiet, not what I had hoped for. I leave for vacation on Thursday, my thought is sending him an e-mail tomorrow night "Leaving for vacation tomorrow, we had discussed going for a walk around local lake, if you are free maybe we could take that walk" - something along those lines. We did discuss said vacation, but don't believe I was very specific about when.

I am a BIG believer that if a man is interested he pursues, if he isn't, not so much. I certainly don't see any harm in sending it, while I think I gave plenty of "I find you interesting" comments, perhaps it didn't come across that way.

Thoughts? Comments?

Thanks everyone, have a terrific day!


This is weird but I try honesty. I simply drop him an email saying I really enjoyed coffee and hope things are well with him. I mention I am going out of town and if he would like to have coffee again sometime feel free to give me a ring after (whatever day you will be back). Simple, direct, let's him know you liked him.

09/15/2012 new

(Quote) Jacqueline-556574 said: (Quote) Jennifer-706848 said: Jacqueline - Seems we are on different pages, ...
(Quote) Jacqueline-556574 said:
Jennifer-706848 said:

Jacqueline - Seems we are on different pages, neither right or wrong, just different. Yes, people do lie (even Catholics )


Yes, I agree: same state, different pages, and probably I overjumped on the issue regarding you and this man who you dated.

I went back and reread what you wrote. I had missed the part about the car accident he suffered----and so no doubt, you cannot expect that he would act as any other dating man who had not had that experience.

What you and he are doing is "friendship dating." In a way, this is the old-fashioned method of beginning dating. Connecting in some way

with someone you really do not know anything about, and agreeing to meet somewhere and spend a little time together---maybe over coffee or lunch, and see if anything develops from that.

I don't think that you received a "Dear John..." note from him. He just also wanted to meet with the other lady before making a further committment with you.

But my question is still this:

Given you knew that he had this life experience, and that he told you that he was just getting back into dating, would you still have accepted that first date if you knew that there were three (e.g.) other date names written on his calendar for the month?

If your aim is to meet with friends now and then, then this type of arrangement would serve that purpose and cause no harm.

Good morning Jacqueline -

No worries, a couple of "spirited" California Gals!!! I think at this time my desire in dating gentleman is to see if in fact there is some sort of connection or commonality, now when I am getting to know someone through e-mail and phone calls I am able to discern if there is enough substance to go with, for example if his interests include watching football from sun-up to sun-down, bitterness towards ex-wife, children, family etc., no tolerance for Christian values, etc. then it is pointless to meet

But to answer your question yes I still would have met him - as you pointed out "friendship dating" is where I am at with the POSSIBILITY of it going into an exclusive relationship

I would be fibbing if I wished you a wonderful day, you are in San Diego...I am in Los Angeles, we are experiencing an unrelenting heat wave, temperatures yesterday and today ar at 105...yikes!!!

Well....I will wish you a wonderful cool day wink

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