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The story of Abraham and Sarah is told in chapters 11-25 of the book of Genesis.
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Aug 13th 2012 new

Cindy thank you for sharing

Aug 13th 2012 new

(Quote) Cindy-57124 said: Several years ago I evacuated with a day's notice, running from a hurricane. I drove to my son...
(Quote) Cindy-57124 said:

Several years ago I evacuated with a day's notice, running from a hurricane. I drove to my son's home that took me 10 hours with no stops for water, bathroom... I was alone, scared and exhausted, but I finally reached my destination. Early the next morning I'd learned that I lost everything I owned.

But I decided to keep moving forward. I went to Mass the next day and volunteered at the local shelter that was housing many evacuees. When I arrived at the community hall I saw utter chaos. I helped with serving food local churches delivered and played with the children. I noticed some folks who were obviously missing their daily fix and starting to get edgy. And it was hot... temps in the upper 90's. Sensing that there was really NO ONE willing to take control of the situation, the local police were clueless, the Red Cross a small group of volunteers also cluess and some military who knew that had to wait before acting. I didn't understand the pecking order nor did I care about the protocol, but the situation had all the ear markings of danger. I finally persuaded one of the officers to set up stations for recreatoin out of doors. Its funny how people will follow orders even when they are sleep deprived and scared.

After the shelter had been emptied, I noticed an older couple sitting all alone. I walked over to see if I could help - she was in a wheel chair and he was sitting next to her in a rusty folding chair. As I got closer I could see that she had a Bible on her blanket covered lap and they were holding hands. I introduced myself and asked if there was anyway I could help or if they needed anything. And her answer was something I'll never forget.

She looked at me a smiled... I still remember the laugh lines around her eyes. She said, Honey, we have everything we need. We have our health, we have our faith.... and we have each other.

They, too, had lost all their wordly possessions and didn't know the whereabouts of family members like so many of us, but they felt blessed.

When I heard those words... "We have each other," I bowed my head and started to cry. Before it was all over they were comforting me!

But it all boils down to those 4 little words. I never asked how they met, or how many dates before they knew they'd marry. It would have seemed trite and ridiculous.

I apologize for this lengthy post... very unusual for me. But don't lose sight of the prize. If you want to find love, you may have to step out of your comfort zone and stretch your imagination. It may work, it may not... but NEVER give up and don't limit the possibilities.


Thanks for posting this, Cindy .... twice in my life, I've lost everything (some might consider a third time, but that incident was minimal compared to the other two) ... rebuilt my life and managed very well with very little ... don't need a lot .... don't want a lot ... just want some, along with a wonderful Catholic man .... heart

Aug 14th 2012 new


Thank you for sharing this story. It is a beautiful reminder of what us really important. I've never felt that God intended for me to walk through life solo, and I know arm in arm is best. I was thinking of my husband yesterday and all that I lost when he passed away. To find that again seems like it will be nothing short of a miracle. But at least I know that we never took that for granted.

Aug 14th 2012 new

What a great post Cindy! You made my morning, and made my heart smile. Life is pretty simple isn't it. hug hug hug

Aug 14th 2012 new

Thank you for sharing this with us. Its a good reminder that, in the end, worldly possessions matter little in the scheme of things.

They can be replaced but loved ones can't.

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