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This is the place to post any questions about the way that CatholicMatch works or make suggestions. This room is open to both free and subscribing members.

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Questions and constructive feedback are welcome. Comments such as "I like the old way better" or "I don't like the new..." are not helpful and will be removed. Specifics are important. Thanks again and we hope you like the updates!

Aug 15th 2012 new

The layout is good, clean. Looks good overall and navigates easily. No clue on the matching.

Aug 15th 2012 new
I also have no clue on how the matching works. for the life of me, I can't figure out how I can't seem to get a match that appears to live within 200 miles. I'm just north of NYC, and can't believe that my last two matches (in North Carolina and Michigan) would be easy to meet.
Aug 15th 2012 new

I like being able to view the information to the right of someone's profile photo. It gives me a quick glimpse of them.

With the 4 smaller pictures shown on my profile page, one of my pictures was a full-length shot of me, but it was showing only part of the picture (I was decapitated.....). I've moved my pictures around so that that particular picture no longer appeared on my profile page, but I can put it back if you want to see what I am talking about.

I've noticed that when I look at the pictures in my album, the entire caption doesn't appear (for one of my longer explanations) yet it all appeared when we had the other format.

Aug 15th 2012 new

For "status", all my matches read "active this week". What will be the overall phrases that could potentially be displayed? IE, Within the last two weeks? Within the last month? Within the past three months? (Not giving suggestions, just giving examples of what they might say).

BTW, I like knowing that someone has been online and "active this week" vs. online "within the past month" thumbsup

Aug 15th 2012 new

Brain - Nate and All GREAT JOB! I really like the NEW Profile view!

One suggestion - When checking compatibility the only way I can get back to the profile is to Page Back in my IE window - can we get a button or something?

Thanks for All Your Work!

Aug 15th 2012 new

Sorry to say that, but I find little use (if any) in the new matching. Just like the primary search, it doesn't include country and, to make things worse, the new match screen doesn't even show the brief summary that we can see in the searches.

So I have to click on the profile first (which triggers the notification on the other side) and only then I can find out that, unfortunately, there's no hope we can be anything more than pen-pals. The ladies who receive the notification that their profile has been viewed, then check my profile, just to come to the same conclusion.

What's the point then? It will be a lot easier for me to just keep using the good old secondary searches (those that can include country) and take it from there, ignoring the recommended match list. After all, if this is truly my match, it should come up in the search results first...

Aug 15th 2012 new

The matching system must take into account members' preference (or tolerance) for long-distance or local relationships. I am not willing to date someone on the other side of the planet, or the country.

Aug 15th 2012 new

Right now the matching system is being very liberal in terms of geography. The system will not allow a limit of less than 250 mile radius. As more people take the test we will be able to allow users to set more strict preferences but for nowit has to be this way because it is so new. It would be as if we started CatholicMatch today rather than 13 years ago, it would take some time to get people in all areas of the country and reach critical mass. As more existing and new users take the match portrait we will be able to adjust some of those settings. Thanks for your patience we believe this will be a helpful tool, it just may take more time for some.

Aug 15th 2012 new
I landed here because I have a question about the new matching. I accidentally said yes to a match, when I meant to click no. How do I fix this??? Also, why am I matched with someone who "sometimes smokes" and "drinks regularly", neither of which is acceptable to me?? Sorry, I guess there are two questions here:)
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