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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Alias,Nick Beal(1949)DA Joseph Foster(Thomas Mitchell)wants to put away racket boss Frankie Faulker(Fred Clark)Joseph tells everyone he will sell his soul to rid the city of Faulker and his hoods.A mysterious MR Nick Beal(Ray Milland)gets in touch with Foster and asks him to meet him at a seedy bar on the waterfront.The DA signs an agreement with the strange MR Beal and Faulkner is convicted.Foster is asked to run for governor and with Beal and a trashy Miss Donna Allens(Audrey Totter)help,hes elected.
Fosters wife Martha(Geraldine Wall)and Fosters close friend, REV Thomas Garfield(George Macready)suspect who Beal really is,Lucifer.When Joseph Foster finds out the truth its too late.Theres only one way out. scratchchin
GREAT FILM clap clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

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The Underground Court(1961)Untouchables Episode.Returning from Cuba, a ship sinks off the coast of the US.Valentine Ferrar(Richard Devon)a mobster is holding eight million for the local syndicate,escapes and swims to shore.His partner,Inky Beges(Vic Perrin)is rescued.
Inky is brought to the syndicate head,Judge Foley(Frank DeKova)After being questioned by Foley Inky returns to Ferrar hiding out in a motel.Inky was followed by syndicate killer,Bo Narrins(Barry Russo)Ferrar shoots Inky thinking he double croosed him,but lets Narrins go telling him that he hid a letter going to Elliot Ness(Robert Stack)if hes killed.
Ferrar sees in the paper a widow,Lucy Wegnall(Joan Blondell)is looking for a gentleman to go on a second honeymoon with her in honor of the death, years ago of her first husband.Lucy hires Ferrar and their both off to a unknown destination.
Ness picks up Narrins and he tells Ness that Farrar has eight million of the mobs money and a letter going to him.Hoping to smash the syndicate,Ness is hot on Farrars and Lucys trail.
The ending to this will knock you out. wide eyed shockedDONT MISS clap clap clap gangster duck thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Sep 18th 2012 new

For The Love Of Mary(1948)Mary Peppertree(Deanna Durbin)is a switchboard operator at the White House.Her dad(Grief Barnett)also works there and wants to see Mary meet MR Right.With the presidents help Mary meets LT Tom Farrington(Edmond OBrien),David Paxton(Don Taylor)whos father owns an island,and Philip Manning(Jeffrey Lynn)a well to do lawyer.Mary dates all three,but cant make up her mind.Who will be Marys choice?See it and find out. hug scratchchin
This was Deannas final film before she retired.Bing Crosby wanted her for Top Of The Morning and she was offered the lead in Kiss Me Kate,then The Student Prince,but she turned down the parts.

Sep 19th 2012 new

whispering Smith(1948)Shortly after the Civil War.Luke Smith(Alan Ladd)rides into the outskirts of a small Western town.His horse is shot and hes wounded by outlaw Blake Barton(Murvyn Vye)Riding into town he finds his old friend,Murray Sinclair(Robert Preston)and his wife Marian(Brenda Marshall)there.Matian and Luke were once to be married.Murray takes Luke in and helps him.
Barton is part of a gang run by Barney Rebstock(Donald Crisp)Luke catches up with Barton and Barton is shot in a final showdown.
Luke signs up with the local railroad along with Murray.After several weeks Luke and Marian still love each other.Murray feels betrayed and joins up with Rebstocks gang.When the railroads are robbed and destroyed by the gang,Luke suspects Murray.Marian is disgusted by it all,but she feels loyalty to Murray.
GREAT WESTERN cowboy CowGirl clap clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Sep 20th 2012 new

Girls Town(1959)15 year old Mary Lee Morgan(Elinor Donahue)accidently kills her sisters punk boyfriend when he tries to attack her.Watching the whole thing is Fred Alger(Mel Torme)a gang leader.
Marys sister,Silver(Mamie Van Doren)takes the blame.Silver is a wisecracking,oily,but well meaning party girl.The police chief(Peter Leeds)decides to send Silver to a Catholic orphans home for girls called Girls Town.Silver sneers at the school and soon becomes the school problem.Even Sister Veronica(Margret Hayes)head of the school is little help to her.The only one that Silver feels sorry for is Serafina(Gigi Perreau)another mixed up girl in love with local singer,Jimmy Parlow(Paul Anka)Jimmy,who helps at the school,feels sorry for Serafina,but doesnt want to date her.After Jimmy dances with another girl at a party run by the nuns,Serafina tries to take her life.Silver and Sister Veronica save the girls life.Shocked by the near suicide,Silver wants to change,but nobody believes her.
Alger and his gang kidnap Mary Lee and plan to get rid of her.Silver tells the other girls she must get out of the school to rescue Mary Lee,but being the school troublemaker,they are little help.
This wasnt a bad film.Sort of a 1959 version of the Classic Boys Town with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.
Good drag racing scene with Mel Torme playing a chicken game.Driving a car fast with his hands off the wheel against another car and driver.

Sep 21st 2012 new

The Snowball(1963)Untouchables Episode.Depression Era Chicago,1930.Jackson Parker(Robert Redford)peddles liquor to the kids at the local university.After picking up a few bucks he goes to Frank Nitti(Bruce Gordon)whos filling in for Al Capone.Jackson wants Nitti to help him expand his buisness,but Nitti laughs it off.Angry,Jackson sends out his underling,Benny Angel(Gerald Hiken)to the university with a bad load of liquor.One of the students,Jimmy Farris(Robert Doyle)goes blind.Jimmys brother,Professor Farris(Peter Hansen)calls in his old friend Elliot Ness(Robert Stack)whos sickened by it.
Jackson goes back to Nitti and tells him Benny was to blame.After Benny is killed,Jackson has a special plan of flooding the universities with Nittis brand.
Pretty good Episode with a real young Robert Redford as a cocky,selfish,punk.

Sep 22nd 2012 new

Manilla Calling(1942)Philippines,1942.With the fall of the country,Lucky Mathews(Llyod Nolan)head of an American communication company and his crew(Cornel Wilde.Elisha Cook JR,James Gleason,Marin Kosleck,Ralph Byrd,Victor Sen Yung,etc)are planning to destroy the equipment and head for the coast and back to the States.Lucky and Tim ORorke(Gleason)decide to capture and broadcast from a Japanese radio station.After they capture the station they have their share of problems,poison water,little food,and the Japanese bent on recapturing the station before whats left of the station is fixed and they can broadcast to the people.
Things arent bad enough,but pretty Edna Frisser(Carole Landis)shows up,a singer in a local club escaping the Japanese.Lucky takes a dislike to Edna feeling she will be just in the way.To make matters worse,theres a Axis spy among the crew.
DONT MISS clap clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Sep 26th 2012 new

The Lady From Shanghai(1947)Soildier Of Fortune,Michael OHara(Orson Welles)is in a park in New York for a stroll.He comes across a woman being attacked by three thugs.After saving her, he finds shes MRS Elsa Bannister(Rita Hayworth)wife of criminal lawyer,Arthur Bannister(Everett Sloane)Elsa,grateful,asks Arthur to give Mike a job as a sailor on their yacht.Bannister hires Mike,but Mike soon finds he made a poor choice of taking the job.Arthurs partner,George Gisby(Glenn Anders)is a oily,shifty,scoundrel.Mike is disgusted to find that all three have little respect for each other.
After a trip to South America Mike is shocked to find that Gisby is offering him $500 to sign a confession that hes to murder him.The plan is Gisby is to vanish from a loveless marriage and Mike will be aquitted when no body is found.Mike needs the money because hes slowly falling for Elsa and stupidly agrees.After he closes the deal,Bannister kills Gisby and gets the confession swearing to send Mike to the gas chamber when he finds Mike and Elsa are in love.
DONT MISS clap clap clap clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup :thumbsup:
Keep an eye out for Errol Flynn(Bit) :scratchchin: Thats Errols boat they borrowed for the movie.

Sep 27th 2012 new

watching a documentary on internet serial killers.....very interesting...

Sep 28th 2012 new

Salome(1953)Rome.Emperor Tiberius(Cedric Hardwicke)is tired of Princess Salome(Rita Hayworth)step daughter of King Herod(Charles Laughton)and demands she return home.Salome is angry at all Romans and swears never to return to Rome.
On her trip home,Salome meets high ranking Roman officer,Claudius(Stewart Granger)returning to Jeruslalem.Salome refuses to have anything at all to do with him even though they are falling in love.
Once at home Salome finds that her mother Herodias(Judith Anderson)wants Herod to get rid of John The Baptist(Alan Badel)whos preaching against them.Herod refuses because he remembers what happened to his father,Herod The Great for trying to harm a holy man.
Salome goes to Claudius to arrest John,but he too refuses.
Herodias and her henchman,Micah(Arnold Moss)soon come up with a plan to kill John with Salomes help.
Not a bad religious film.Its not as good as King Of Kings or Quo Vadis,but its still good. clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

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