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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Feb 6th 2013 new

Johnny Stool Pidgeon(1949)Drug agent George Norton(Howard Duff)is out to arrest Pete Carter(Edwin Max)a major drug pusher waiting for his supplier coming in from the East.When Norton breaks up the deal the supplier is murdered by Carter who escapes.A short time later Carter is killed by a gunman known as Joey(Tony Curtis)
Norton looks over the recent overdose deaths of some of` Carters victims and finds the wife of Johnny Evans(Dan Duryea)a gangster jailed at Alcatraz is among them.Johnny hates Norton because he was the one that sent him there.When Norton shows Johnny the report on his wife Johnny agrees to help him get into the mob,but threatens to kill Norton when the job is done.
Johnny and George meet William McCandes(Barry Kelly)a main outfit leader.McCandes sends Terry Stewart(Shelly Winters)with them to keep an eye on the boys.Terry wants to break off with the McCandes outfit,but Norton refuses to take her along.Johnny whos falling for Terry tells Norton if Terrys not in,he quits.
Terry and the boys are sent to a dude ranch near the Mexican border run by Nick Avery(John MCIntire)the major czar of the US drug rackets.Nick agrees to go along with Johnny and Norton thinking their big time drug pushers,but then disaster strikes when Joey shows up and the boys find hes Nicks top gunman.
Great Film.Keeps you in suspense clap clap clap clap clap gangster duck thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup :thumbsup:

Feb 8th 2013 new

The Killers(1964)Two hit men,Charlie(Lee Marvin)and Lee(Glu Gulager)shoot Johnny North(John Cassavettes)for $25000.Johnny stands there and doesnt try to escape as the killers do the job.Hours later Charlie wonders why they got all that money for killing a nobody and why he didnt try to get away.All they knew is Johnny owas once involved in a million dollar robbery.
They find Johnnys expartner Earl Sylvester(Claude Akins)living in Florida.They find Earl and Johnny were partners in a professional racing car.Earl tells them everything was well until Sheila Farr(Angie Dickinson)met Johnny and admired him because he was a professional racer.Sheila is mistress to mob czar Jack Browning(Ronald Reagan)Johnny was racing that day for a $15000 grand prize but after a serious crash he couldnt race anymore.
Jack Browning is planning a million dollar mail robbery and uses Sheila to get Johnny to drive for the job.
This the remake of the 1946 version with Burt Lancaster,Ava Garner,and Edmond OBrien.
Not a bad remake.
This was Ronald Reagans final film.

Feb 8th 2013 new
The past week's movie viewing....

On Monday when I was home sick from work, I watched my two favorite movies from the Indiana Jones series: Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Last Crusade. These were from the Blu-ray set I bought a couple of months ago (got a great deal on Amazon).

On Wednesday I was flipping around the channels on my cable box and decided to check what movies were available to watch free on demand. I came across an old favorite, the 1987 Star Wars spoof Spaceballs, starring Mel Brooks and John Candy, and directed by Brooks. Funny thing is I have the movie on DVD, but in this case it was easier to punch up the movie on the On Demand channel. Plus it was in HD, whearas my disc is standard def and non-anamorphic.
Feb 10th 2013 new

I Was A Communist For The FBI(1951)Matt Cvetic(Frank Lovejoy)is a foreman in a steel plant in Pittsburgh PA.Hes a leading boss in the communist party.Matt is a major outcast in his catholic family.Matt is dispised by his brother Joe(Paul Pererni)and son,Dick(Ron Haggerthy)What everyone doesnt know is Matt is an undercover agent for the FBI.Only his parish priest(Roy Roberts)knows the truth.
Heads of the local red cell is Jim Blandon(James Milligan)and Harmon(Edward Norris)The local communist head of operations Gerhardt Eisler(Konstantin Shayne)promotes Matt as local party organizer.
Blandon,not trusting Matt sends in Eve Merrick(Dorothy Hart)trashy red to keep an eye on Matt.
Trouble starts when the reds plan a strike on the major steel plant in Pittsburg.Matt keeps his FBI contact(Richard Webb)updated.After a riot is started and several people are beaten and almost killed including Joe,Eve is fed up with the reds and their lies,Blandon sends two reds to get rid of her.The plan is halted by Matt and the two communists are killed and Eve gets away.Blandon suspects Matt of helping her escape and warns him what happens to traditors to the party.The FBI rescues Matt from Blandon and his goons and Matt is happy to hear he at last will be out of it,but the FBI has one last job for him.
GREAT FILM clap clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup
Keep an eye out for David McMahon(Bit) scratchchin

Feb 12th 2013 new

Pale Rider(1985)A small group of prospectors small village is raided by thugs working for Coy Lahood(Richard Dysart)owner of a big mining company.Many of the families including the village head,Hull Barret(Michael Moriarty)and his family Sarah(Carrie Snodgress)and daughter,Megan(Sydney Penny)are left homeless.
Hull goes to town to get supplies and is beaten by La Hoods thugs, but is rescued by a mysterious stranger(Clint Eastwood)Gratefull,Hull invites the Stranger home.All are shocked to find The Stranger is a Preacher.
La Hoods son,Josh(Chris Penn)and a burly thug,Club(Richard Kiel)go to the village to scare the Preacher away,but it comes to nothing.
LaHood sends for The Preacher to bribe him,but he wont take the bribe.
Angry,La Hood calls a gang of professional gunmen led by Marshall Stockburn(John Russell)to rid the territory of The Preacher and the prospectors.
Not a bad remake of Shane. cowboy CowGirl clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Feb 13th 2013 new

Seranade(1956)Damon Vincenti(Mario Lanza)is a vineyard worker with a golden voice.With the help of his cousin Tonio(Harry Bellaver)he meets Charles Winthrop(Vincent Price)who helps get him to the top.Damon has the misfortune to meet Kendall Hale(Joan Fontaine)a trashy social women who Damon soon has a crush on.Kendall likes to see people hit it big with the cruel way of seeing them fall.Damon meets boxer Marco Roselli(Vince Edwards)who Kendall gleefully leaves once she had a hold on him.
When Kendall leaves Damon he winds up in mexico down and out.Damon is sick and near death.A devoted Catholic girl Juana Montes(Sara Montiel)finds Damon and helps nurse him back to health. Damon finds he loves Juana and they both get married.The couple return to the States,but soon the evil Kendall comes between them.
Great Film.James Michael Cain novel.Dir by Anthony Mann. clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Feb 13th 2013 new

Les Miserables thumbsup

Feb 15th 2013 new

Fort Worth(1955)Shortly after the Civil War.Ned Britt(Randolph Scott)ex gunslinger returns to Fort Worth,Texas as a newspaperman.Ned his problems with Gabe Clevrner(Ray Teal)a notorious outlaw and his gang,a friend Blair Lunsford(David Brian)a dishonest politicial out for himself and two pretty gals,Flora Talbot(Phyllis Thaxter)and Amy Brooks(Helena Carter)
Better than average Western. cowboy CowGirl clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup
No one does it better than Randolph.

Feb 16th 2013 new
Watched "Skyfall" on Blu-ray on Tuesday night -one of the rare occasions I've watched a disc the very night I bought it ....
Feb 16th 2013 new
(Quote) Edward-4511 said: Watched "Skyfall" on Blu-ray on Tuesday night -one of the rare occasions I've watched a disc the very...
(Quote) Edward-4511 said: Watched "Skyfall" on Blu-ray on Tuesday night -one of the rare occasions I've watched a disc the very night I bought it ....
By that I mean watching the main feature all the way through.
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