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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Oct 13th 2012 new

The Bad And The Beautiful(1952)Jonathan Shields(Kirk Douglas)owner of a Hollywood studio on its way down has his manager,Harry Pebbei(Walter Pidgeon)call in a writer,James Lee(Dick Powell),a first rate actress,Georgia(Lana Turner)and an oscar winning director,Fred(Barry Sullivan)to do a picture for Shields to help rescue the studio.
Problem is Shields had helped each one get to the top,but later double crossed each one.
Will they do the film to bail out Shields? scratchchin
Great Film. clap clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Oct 14th 2012 new

Argo. Terrific directing, acting, and editing of an intense story. Some of the juxtapositions were really well done.

But I fully admit to being so distracted by the Star Wars toys displayed at the end, that I nearly missed reading the epilogue notes.

Oct 14th 2012 new

The Canada Run(1962)Untouchables Episode.1932.Joe Palakopolus(Simon Oakland)a racket boss is looking for a new location to smuggle booze in from Canada.He finds a run down fishing village not far from the border.Father Francis Gregory(Arthur Hill)in charge of the local parish is having his problems with his people going hungry.Palakopolis tells the priest he can help.He opens a soup kitchen,gets clothes for the people,and helps the priest rebuild the church.Palakopolis real intentions is to use the cross to signal his boats bringing in booze to supply Frank Nittis(Bruce Gordons)speakeasies.
Elliot Ness(Robert Stack)comes to the village and sees Palakopolous has settled there.Ness warns Father Gregory of the gangsters real motives,but the priest believes Palakoplous wants to turn his life around.
Ness sends one of his men Agent Ned Ferber(Dabbs Greer)to investigate.When Ned finds out the truth hes beaten and almost killed by Palakopolous thugs.
Father Gregory still doesnt believe Palakopolous had anything to do with the Agents near murder.
Great Episode.DONT MISS. clap clap clap clap gangster duck thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Oct 15th 2012 new
"Father of Mercy, The True Story of Venerable Don Carlo Gnocchi"

A powerful epic film on the life of Fr. Carlo Gnocchi, an Italian priest who labored heroically to minister to the wounded and dying soldiers during World War II, and to victims of the war on the home front. While teaching students at the Gonzaga Institute in Milan, Fr. Gnocchi volunteered to be the military chaplain on the war front. After witnessing the horrors of the war, helping many suffering soldiers, and miraculously escaping death, he returned to start a foundation for the many children who were victims of the war. Starring Daniele Liotti (St. Anthony), this film tells of Don Gnocchis inspiring work with the students, the soldiers, and the children. His great legacy lives on today in the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation that provides medical care for thousands of patients in over 75 hospitals and clinics in Europe.
Oct 16th 2012 new

Blind Alley(1939)DR Anthony Shelby(Ralph Bellamy)and his family Dave(Scotty Beckett)and Doris(Rose Strader)are staying at their summer home not far from the Canadian border.Gangster Hal Wilson(Chester Morris)his mistress,Mary(Ann Dvorak)and two henchmen Nick(Milburn Stone)and Buck(Marc Lawrence)take over the doctors home.The gang is waiting for a boat to take them across the border.
DR Shelby is curious when he finds Hal has a constant dream slowly driving him insane.Mary tells DR Shelby it goes back to something he did when he was a boy.DR Shelby wants to help him,but Hal at first resents it.When the Doctor tells him if he can find what the odd things in the dream are it could cure him.Hal,at last,agrees.
Good Film.This was later remade as The Dark Past with William Holden and Lee J Cobb.

Oct 17th 2012 new

Aerial Gunner(1943)Two rivals in civillian life,SGT Foxy Pattie(Chester Morris)and Jon Davis(Richard Arlen)find themselves in the same company as WW2 gets into full swing.They both fall for Peggy Lunt(Amelita Ward)
Pretty good WW2 Film.

Oct 18th 2012 new

The Narrow Margin(1952)Tough police detective SGT Walter Brown(Charles McGraw)is in charge of taking public enemies wife,MRS Frankie Neal(Marie Windsor)from Chicago to LA to testify at a hearing.On the way Walters partner is killed with the witness not caring.
On the train Walter meets traveler Ann Sinclair(Jacqueline White)and her young son Tommy(Gordon Gilbert)Walter and Ann fall for each other.The train has several killers on board hired to get rid of the gangsters widow.Walter has his share of problems with guarding MRS Neal and fighting the hit men.
The ending will knock you out.A great thriller. clap clap clap gangster duck thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Oct 18th 2012 new
The Last Movie I Saw = Hope Springs

I saw it less than an hour ago.

Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carrell

After thirty years of marriage, a middle-aged couple attends an intense, week-long counseling session to work on their relationship.

Cute. Funny.
Oct 18th 2012 new

The Avengers! Lovin' me some superheroes biggrin

Oct 20th 2012 new

:Across The Pacific(1942) Nov 1941.High Ranking officer,Captain Rick Leland(Humphrey Bogart)is court marshalled.Rick goes up to Canada to enlist,but hes turned down.Rick finds a Japanese ship bound for the Orient and decides to go to China to enlist.On the ship is the mysterius DR Lorenz(Sydney Greenstreet)an Axis sympatizer.Also taking the trip is Canadian Alberto Marlow(Mary Astor)Rick and Alberto fall for each other.
The ship stops in New York and Rick stops at Army Headquarters and we find that hes a secret agent and his mission is to trail Lorenz whos on a mission for the Axis.Rick asks about Alberto,but they know little about her except shes really an American who made many trips to forign countries.
Back on the ship Rick notices that many shipments are going to a MR Dan Morton(Monte Blue)who lives in Panama where the ship is bound.
Bogart at his best.DONT MISS. clap clap clap :clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup :

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