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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Nov 5th 2012 new

An old Burt Reynolds flick called "Heat"

Nov 8th 2012 new

Dark Command(1940)Kansas,shortly before the Civil War.Bob Seton(John Wayne)and his pal Doc Grunch(George Gabby Hayes)ride into town where they meet Angus McCloud(Porter Hall)his pretty daughter,Mary(Claire Trevor)and son Fletch(Roy Rogers)The local schoolteacher,Will Canrell(Walter Pidgeon)is engaged to Mary.
The local election for marshall is coming up and Bob is asked to run against Cantrell.Bob wins and Cantrell turns against him.
The Civil War breaks out and Cantrell forms a band of bandits and killers dressed as Confederate soildiers and soon Kansas is turned into a bloodbath of looting and killing.When Mary marries Cantrell and Fletch joins up with him not believing the stories,Bob decides to retun to his ranch in Texas.On his way home hes picked up by one of Canrells patrols.Mary finds out what Cantrell is and is sorry she married him and knows she loves Bob.
GREAT WESTERN cowboy cowboy cowboy cowboy clap clap clap clap CowGirl CowGirl :cowgirl:

Nov 12th 2012 new

Men Of Boys Town(1941)Father Flannagan(Spencer Tracy)head of Boys Town knows hes in trouble when Boys Towns manager,Dave Morris(Lee J Cobb)tells him they owe $200.000.Father Flannagan goes to the trial of a boy, Ted Martley(Larry Nunn)who shot a guard at a brutal reform school who crippled him.The judge sends the boy along with Father Flanagan.Ted becomes a problem because of his situation and wants no friends.
The Maitlands(Henry ONeil/Mary Nash)a devoted Catholic couple want to adopt Whitey Marsh(Mickey Rooney)Boys Towns Mayor.Father Flannagan gives his consent.Ted asks Whitey to look in on a friend of his in the reform school not far from the Maitlands.When Whitey gets settled with the Maitlands Whitey drives up to the reform school,but is stopped from visiting Teds pal by sadistic head guard(Arthur Hohi)Driving home Whitey finds one of the inmates Flip(Darryl Hickman)has hiden in his car.Whitey decides to return home and call Father Flanagan to take him into Boys Town.Meanwhile Flip steals a gun,robs a gas station and Whitey and Flip are arrested.
Its up to Father Flanagan.
Pretty good follow up to Boys Town. clap clap clap

Nov 14th 2012 new

The Fabulous Texan(1947)Late 1965.Two Confederate soildiers,Jim McWade(Bill Elliott)and Wes Barker(John Carroll)return home to Texas.They find the their hometown is taken over by the State Police led by Gibson Hart(Albert Dekker)a theif who is using the seat for his profit.
Wes father(Harry Davenport)is the local preacher speaking out against Hart and Jessup(Reed Hadley)in partnership with Hart.After the preacher is foolishly killed by Jessup,Barker forms a gang who are out to help the local people.Wes and Jim are in love with pretty Alice Sharp(Catherine McCloud)who grew up with Wes and Jim.Alice had always been in love with Wes.
Jim joins the law and is sent out to get Wes who he promises a fair trial.
GREAT WESTERN cowboy CowGirl clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Nov 17th 2012 new

Strange Cargo(1940)Devils Island.Well meaning warden(Fredrick Warlock)gives a cocky,know it all convict,Andre Verne(Clark Gable)a chance by letting him work on the docks.Andre meets Julie(Joan Crawford)a nightclub entertainer being followed by police informant(Peter Lorree)
Back in the prison Andre finds the convicts are planning an escape led by Moll(Albert Dekker)Into the cell comes Cambreu(Ian Hunter)a mysterious visitor.The convicts in on the escape are an assorted group,Flaubert(Eduardo Cinneli)a religious fanatic,Flaubeat(J Edward Bloomberg)who feels the worlds against him and Hessler(Paul Lucas)a sadistic killer.
During the escape the cons have their share of adventures jungles,food and water shortages and problems in the boat they escape on with Cambreau with the solution to every problem.Who can Cambrau be? scratchchin
Film years ahead of its time.

Nov 17th 2012 new

SKYFALL!! I'm a big Bond fan, great movie even for those that are not:)

Nov 24th 2012 new

Raw Deal(1948)Joe Sullivan(Dennis OKeefe)is doing time for mobster Rick Coyle(Raymond Burr)who owes Joe $50.000.Coming to see him is social worker,Ann Martin(Marsha Hunt)who admires Joe because he saved eight other children from a fire s a child.Also visiting is Joes mistress,Pat Cameron(Claire Trevor)whos helping Joe plan an escape and get him out of the country once they get the money from Rick.
Joe doesnt know that Rick is a double crosser who has no intention of paying him.
After the escape Joe and Pat hide out at Anns apartment till he gets the money.Ann wants Joe to give himself up,butJoe refuses.Pat is taking an instant dislike to Ann whe she finds Joe secretly loves her.
Rick,angry about the escape sends Fantail(John Ireland)his top henchman out to find Joe and get rid of him.
Both Joe and Pat have their share of problems with the police on their trail as well as Fantail and Coyles mob.
Film Noir as good as it gets. clap clap clap gangster duck thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Nov 26th 2012 new

T Men(1947)Story of the Treasury Men.Two agents,Dennis OBrien(Dennis OKeefe)and Tony Gnaro(Alfred Ryder)are out to break up a counterfeiting gang flooding the country with bad money.Dennis changes his name to Vannie Harrigan and Tony to Tony Galvani and pose as the last of a mob called The River Gang.
The boys get a lead when Dennis meets the Schemer(Wallace Ford)a hood passing bad money.Dennis convinces the schemer that he counterfeiting too and wants to join up with the gang.Dennis meets Moxie(Charles McGraw)a brutal gunman sent by the mob.Moxie takes Dennis to meet Shiv Trano(John Wengraf)the man in the middle running things for the boss.
Dennis sends for Tony,but things go bad when Tony and The Schemer meet Tonys wife(June Lockhart)Shiv finds out and orders Moxie to get rid of Tony and The Schemer.After its done the gang take Dennis to meet MR Big.
Great Film. clap clap clap gangster duck thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Nov 26th 2012 new

Twilight....I do not care how old I am I am a sucker for a good Vampire movie and this certainly was just that! Made me sad that the series was all over. Now where will we find a cute vampire that likes ppl and does not bite them, I don't have a clue. But never fail I will be on the hunt! jan

Nov 28th 2012 new

Wild Bill Hickock Rides(1942)After the Chicago fire of 1871,gambling house entertainer Belle Andrews(Constance Bennett)teams up with shifty Harry Farrell(Warren William)who plan to go out West and open a gambling house.
On their way they meet Wild Bill Hickcock(Bruce Cabot)who rescues them from bandits.When they get to their destination Belle and Harry meet Edward Nolan(Russel Simpson)and his young daughter Jane(Betty Brewer)close friends of Bills.
Harry wants Bill and Edward out of the way so he can set up his gambling den and control that part of the West.When Belle finds out she wants nothing to do with his plan because shes falling for Bill.
Good Western clap clap clap cowboy CowGirl thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

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