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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Jan 5th 2013 new

Panhandle(1948)Ex lawman and ex confederate soildier John Sands(Rod Cameron)comes to Texas to start a new life.He finds his brother was brutally murdered.John tries to find the killer and finds from his brothers ex Dusty Stewart(Cathy Downs)that town boss Matt Carson(Reed Hadley)was behind it.John has his problems when he finds oily,shifty,Matt controls everything in that part of the country. and Matts top gunman(Blake Edwards)is gunning for him.Johns only hope is Matts secratary June OCarrol(Anne Gwynne)who is slowly falling for him.
GREAT WESTERN. clap clap clap clap cowboy CowGirl thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup As good as Westerns Get.

Jan 9th 2013 new

Johnny Apollo(1940)Robert Cain SR(Edward Arnold)is a high ranking member of the stock exchange who gets caught selling bad stocks.His son Bob Cain JR(Tyrone Power)is shocked to find his father was a crook and breaks off contact with him.
After thnking it over,Bob JR decides he was wrong and wants to get his father out of prison.He goes to his fathers lawyer(Lionel Atwill)who cant help.Bob then goes to criminal lawyer Judge Brennan(Charles Grapewin)defender of Mickey Dwyer(Llyod Nolan)a big time crime czar.Not wanting to have his true identity known,Bob tells Brennan his name is Johnny Apollo.Dwyer meets Johnny and takes a liking to him making him his partner.Dwyers mistress,Lucky(Dorothy Lamour)soon falls for Johnny.Through illegal gambling Johnny is slowly saving enough money to get his father out,but soon the Dwyer mob is arrested and sent to th same prison as Robert Cain SR.
Betty Grable was the first pick to play Lucky but was replaced by Dorothy Lamour.
GREAT FILM. clap clap clap clap gangster duck thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Jan 10th 2013 new
Last movie in the theater was Argo. A great film, a lot of memories and some of the jokes were quite funny remembering the times and era. On TV, my all time favorite "It's a Wonderful Life" I see it every Christmas. Frank Capra was an excellent director and this was a film released in the summer. Go figure.

I want to see Gangster Squad and Les Mis, I'll wait for SR Citizen's Wednesday at the local theater.
Jan 10th 2013 new

Last Saturday I took in my second viewing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Pittsburgh with former CMer Michelle. It was her first time seeing it.

We saw it in IMAX 3D because I wanted to catch the 9-minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness, which is coming in May. It looked awesome. vulcan hyper

And I liked The Hobbit even better the second time through. thumbsup

Tuesday and Wednesday night, I watched the musical Brigadoon with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse. I had recorded it off TCM last month. Fun little movie. Lots of dancing (hey it's a Gene Kelly movie, what did you expect?)

Jan 11th 2013 new

No Way Out(1950)DR Luther Brooks(Sidney Poitier)is starting his new job as doctor in the local hospital.DR Brooks was helped along by his friend DR Dan Wharton(Steven McNally)the hospitals head doctor.
Into the hospital comes two hoodlums,Ray(Richard widmark)and Johnny(Dick Paxton)Biddle.Ray is a racist on the point of paranoia.The two hoods are wounded after trying to rob a gas station.Johnny dies of a brain tumor while being operated on by DR Brooks.Ray swears that DR Brooks killed Johnny and swears revenge.
Good Film clap clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup

Jan 12th 2013 new

The Big Shot(1942)Duke Berne(Humphrey Bogart)is a three time loser just out of the pen.Duke doesnt dare plan another robbery because next time its life.Two hoodlums,Frenchy(Joseph Downing)and Sandor(Howard Da Silva)want Duke for an armored car robbery.Duke refuses.The hoods tell him they are working for criminal lawyer Martin Flemming(Stanley Ridges)who has never lost a case.Again Duke refuses.Going hungry,at last he agrees to meet Flemming.Duke is shocked to find his ex flame Lorna(Irene Manning)is married to Flemming.Lorna and Duke are still in love.
While waiting to go out on the robbery Lorna goes to see Duke and holds a gun on him stopping him from getting involved in the robbery.Frenchy and Sandor bungle the job.Sandor is killed and Frenchy escapes.A woman mistakely identifies Duke as Frenchy and hes arrested.Flemming hires a car salesman George Anderson(Richard Travis) as Dukes alibi for the bungled robbery night.Frenchy gets in touch with the shifty Flemming and tells him Lorna was with Duke that night.Angry Flemming sends Duke to prison.
Duke is more determined than ever to get out knowing he is innocent.
BOGART AT HIS BEST. clap clap clap gangster duck thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Jan 14th 2013 new

Gung Ho(1943)True story of a tough Marine outfit Carlsons Raiders and their mission to destroy a enemy radio station in the Makin Islands.Cast,Randolph Scott,Robert Mitchum,Alan Curtis,Rod Cameron,Noah Berry JR,J Carrol Naish,Sam Levene,etc Marines Flag United States Flag

Jan 17th 2013 new

Jack Reacher (Tom Crusie).........pretty good action/smash,bang ,crackemup movie!

Jan 21st 2013 new
(Quote) Kenneth-790311 said: Jack Reacher (Tom Crusie).........pretty good action/smash,bang ,crackemup movie!
(Quote) Kenneth-790311 said:

Jack Reacher (Tom Crusie).........pretty good action/smash,bang ,crackemup movie!

The choice was between your movie Jack Reacher and Silver Lining...yours lost. I really enjoyed my movie...I laughed, sniffed, and was totally captivated by the characters. Of course, I am a girl but my brother in law was there and he enjoyed it too albeit probably not as much as the Tom Cruise movie. I Would give it four and a half stars!
Jan 21st 2013 new
I had a Star Trek weekend ... Watched the last 3 Next Generation movies, First Contact we are borg, Insurrection and Nemesis, as well as 2 Original Series episodes.

Today I took a break from Trek and watched the original King Kong (1933). Holds up very well for a movie made 80 years ago. eyepopping
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