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How to Women to Respond

Sep 19th 2012 new

Hi forum buddies, I have a few quick questions for you: whats the most appropriate way to first initiate contact to someone on CM? Either in a message or Emotigram whats an appropriate message for first contact?

Sep 19th 2012 new

Thoughts from my own experience... eyepopping boggled laughing laughing laughing

Send an emote or a message about something that caught your eye in their profile... something about who they are, what they love...

Do not send a message stating anything about physical appearance- hey beautiful, hey sexy, you're hot, etc. For some (many?) women serious about finding their "one" this is a TOTAL turn off. It is also best to quickly move past the "How are you?" "What are you up to this weekend?" stage. That gets boring rather quickly and the lady will lose interest.

It is also important that emailing not go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.... you get the point. Get face-to-face as soon as possible (as soon as the lady is comfortable and knows you're not a creep.)

Offer your number first and recommend that she block her number until she is comfortable with you... chivalrous to the extreme!

Blessings on your search! Praying

Sep 20th 2012 new

Do not send a blank emotigram. Make sure you send some kind of message with it. Take your time to read through her profile completely before contacting. And use that info to ask a question.

Sep 21st 2012 new

First and foremost, if you don't bother to look at my profile before sending an emote or message. Chances are I will not respond. It bafles me why people send things out without even reading a little bit about the person.

Most of the time I respond to emotes with a short message. Blank emotes most of the time are ignored.

What gets my attention the most is if you take the time to write a message. It doesn't have to be long, but it shows a little more effort.

Sep 25th 2012 new

Personally I think the best way for a guy to initiate contact is to send an friendly-looking emote (smiling or waving), along with a short message that shows you actually read and paid attention to her profile.

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