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Saint Peter's Square was created so that more people could be in the presence of the Pope and was named after Saint Peter, one of Jesus's apostles.
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Feb 2nd 2013 new

Before my conversion to the Catholic faith I was visiting Rome in business and had a day off. As I took off by foot to see the city I felt my feet had a will of their own, more or less, and they were going to the Vatican. As I was quite anti-catholic this was a bit surprising. Anyhow, I spent most of the day in St. Peters Basil and truly felt the presence of God in a way I've never been able to in any church before. On my way back to the hotel the traffic just stopped and we sat in the bus for some fifteen-twenty minutes without moving an inch, yet there was no traffic in the opposite lane. As I was moaning about this police cars followed by black cars with men hanging out from the sides were coming in the opposite lane and all of a sudden the Pope mobile came with the Holy Father smiling and waiving towards us in the bus.

Feb 2nd 2013 new
(Quote) Laura-695247 said: If so where, when and what was the context?I saw JPII back around 1995 when I was backpacking aroun...
(Quote) Laura-695247 said:

If so where, when and what was the context?

I saw JPII back around 1995 when I was backpacking around Europe. He used to come to the window on the Square (I think on Tuesdays) and talk to the crowd. It was a rainy day, everyone with umbrellas. He was was speaking Italian, and I was not Catholic, just a tourist. It was just something to do. What I loved was that he seemed to have a wonderful sense of humor and made the drenched crowd break into laughter. He seemed like a truly personable, special person.


In another life, as an engineer for ABC Radio Network...was privileged to fly on Shepherd 1 (his TWA charter plane) during his first visit to the states in 1979. Met him in person, received his blessing, and had about 2 minutes of time with him as I put his wireless mic on for his speech at the Seminary in Chicago to the seminarians.

So, yes, have not only seen, but personally met a Pope. (and, was there in St. Peter's square for both JP-I and II's election as part of the news crew sent over from NY to cover the goings on...
Feb 2nd 2013 new

That's wonderful Peter. It was God wooing you home one moment at a time and I am glad that he did. biggrin

When I was about nine Pope John Paul II came to St. Lucia. Since my great aunt was being honored by him for her work in the Church on the island, I got to be one of the kids that got to greet him on the tarmac. I will never forget the loving look in his eyes or just the holiness that he exuded. A day to remember for the rest of my life.

Feb 2nd 2013 new

(Quote) MaryAlice-97161 said: I attended a Papal Mass at the Pontiac (Michigan) Silverdome ... seats were in almost the very...
(Quote) MaryAlice-97161 said:

I attended a Papal Mass at the Pontiac (Michigan) Silverdome ... seats were in almost the very last row up top, but you could still see JPII .... what a thrill! And to get the Papal Blessing .... it was a wonderful day!


HI Mary Alice! I was there too!

It took a numer of phone calls to get tickets and we were so excited to have the opportunity to attend Mass! I agree- what a blessing!!

Feb 2nd 2013 new

JPII, November 1980, papal audience. I was about 12 feet away from him.

Feb 3rd 2013 new

Yes I did Pope John Paul II.... It was during the World Youth Day in Manila, Philippines. He was passing by on his way to the general assembly area, it was a great time for he stopped at the place exactly where we are, smiled and bless us; but unfortunately I dont have a camera to take his picture. Indeed an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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