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This room is for discussion related to learning about the faith (Catechetics), defense of the Faith (Apologetics), the Liturgy and canon law, motivated by a desire to grow closer to Christ or to bring someone else closer.

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First of all let me begin that this is NOT a hate filled diatribe.

I do not care for Megachurches, and the message that they convey. To begin with, some of these so called "pastors" have never even attended a seminary, or attained an advanced degree in Theology ( can you say Joel Osteen ? ). Secondly, there is no such things as a "prosperity gospel". I don't care if some of these "pastors" want you to feel good about yourself, and make you believe that you will be blessed with riches. Any bible scholar will tell you that Jesus was born to live a humble life style. If the one, true Son of God was not rich then it's okay for me to not be rich as well. Another fault is that these same people do not address the wages of sin, or human suffering. I have no idea why they avoid it, and all that I can say is that I TRY to stay faithfull to the Church even though I have had more than my fair share of suffering. Lastly, I don't care for the attitude: What a great music program! It's all about the Eucharist people!

I bring this up because in my research I have found that there are 15 million fallen away Catholics which now outnumbers Southern Baptists ( 14 million) as the 2nd largest denomination in the United States.

Sep 25th 2012 new

Our parish priest has done a lot of book studies in our parish and these meetings often sideline into discussions such as you have brought up.. He gave us the figure of fallen away Catholics years ago.. These are church jumpers that become disgruntled and leave when they don't agree with Church Law.. A few years ago Fr Vince got a call from some out of state people who wanted a clergy to visit their elderly female relative in the hospital.. It turned out, they called her megachurch and nobody there would agree to visit her. She had not been tithing her 'share' and didn't fit their priority list. Fr Vince was glad to visit her.. Fr Vince also became friendly with the head pastor of one of the local megachurches.. This pastor revealed that their church offered these nice engraved name badges to all their congregation.. During the main service a staff member would go out with a scanner device and scan all the badges left on the wall.. They would keep track of the weekly attendance and if you missed a certain number of services they would reconcile your tithing.. If their tithing wasn't up to snuff, they were slowly snubbed and the clergy staff wasn't so 'open'.

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