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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Feb 1st 2013 new

Well said, Casey! How refreshing!

I've been learning a lot in the past few years about love. I've been studying and experiencing life, and I've come to realize that the greatest love that ever existed was an ACTION - when Jesus died on the cross. Love is a choice and a total gift of self that gives infinitely. Happy emotions are definitely perks in a relationship, but they are not love itself, and they do not sustain a relationship; in fact, passions can be evil. Read The Catechism of the Catholic Church starting with paragraph 1767 - it basically says that passion is bad if its directed at something bad, and good if it's directed at something good. In other words, we cannot rely only on passions to tell us what is good. In other words, just being infatuated with someone does not mean you should marry them, or even date them, because it depends on whether they are trying to be godly or not, and whether they are appropriate or not. Those of us called to marriage have a big responsibility that requires realistic discernment. I'm reminded that Catholicism is a faith of free will that requires participation and the exercising of right reason and a well formed conscience. You can't actually "fall in love" because true love is an active choice - like Jesus dying on the cross. Jesus participated in love, and we also participate in and create love (read Called to Love, based on the Theology of the Body). And so, we are called to actively participate in the courting process. We are called to contact and respond to appropriate potential dates. Upon finding someone appropriate, we are called to marry them. Then, we are called to continue loving them in a state of true love - like a crucifixion love. This video verbalizes this beautifully:

Feb 1st 2013 new

(Quote) Casey-637092 said: Hey Jerry ,Love is the code word for God my friend , but then ,you probably already knew ...
(Quote) Casey-637092 said:

Hey Jerry ,

Love is the code word for God my friend , but then ,you probably already knew that . God does however , expect us to educate ourselves. It is only in choosing to love without counting the cost , that we truly are Doing the will of God. We must act . Its the life of loving that reflects the Will of God most powerfully, rather than talking about loving .

You know the old adage, Actions speak louder than words. Go forth and spread the gospel and if all else fails use words. It's no good to be so heavenly minded that your no earthly good!

The key is to truly understand all the different forms of love , and then to live in love without getting them confused, ready to give a reason for the hope that lies within you, being very careful to preach with words what you are already practicing

Blessings Jerry

casey, you handle all your posters with such diplomacy and clarity. the biggest example of love is God, and all that he has done for us, and all that He will do for us! we all should be stepping up to the plate to find '"our" special mate, but for some, (including me) it is hard...

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