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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

Tobias and Sarah's story is from the Book of Tobit, and his journey is guided by Saint Raphael.
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Nov 6th 2012 new

I'm the oldest of nine . . . let me see if I can figure out all of our ages. I'm 29, then we have 25, 23, 21, 19, 17, 14, 8, and 6. I think that's right! I've got 2 brothers and 6 sisters. It's definitely affected who I am today. I guess the main way is my patience - almost nothing can get me upset, unless you've done something really stupid. Yelling and screaming around the house, music turned up too loud, whatever the case may be, it doesn't really bother me. I also tend to look out for people, as I've looked out for them most of my life and it's turned into a habit. For example, walking with a group, I'll always either walk behind to make sure nobody gets lost, or if I'm hiking, I'll take the lead, but always turn around and wait for others to catch up. I'm also very good with younger children, and teach music lessons to about 10 people between the ages of 6 and 14. I don't think I could do that if not for the experience I gained growing up!

Nov 6th 2012 new

very interesting and good book

Nov 13th 2012 new
I am the second out of 4, but
Nov 13th 2012 new
1 older brother and 2 sisters. I have a twin, so not sure how that works ;)
Nov 14th 2012 new

I finally just finished reading the book! There are lots of little rules about swaps and exceptions. For example, a firstborn doesn't necessarily have to be the first born in the family. Sometimes a firstborn daughter or son (even if they are in fact the secondborn) can take on firstborn traits. In the case of twins, usually the one who is born first will have the traits of a firstborn. If there is a gap of five or more years between siblings, the younger one could still have firstborn traits. Lots of interesting info to glean from the book!

I'm definitely a firstborn, and interestingly enough, think I have some traits of an only child. This kind of surprised me, because I'm the oldest of 8, and we are all fairly close in age!

Nov 15th 2012 new

Wow, lots of first borns here! tongue

I'm the youngest of 3 with a 6 year gap between myself and my sister. Both my brother and sister have always told me that I'm spoiled and can get away with murder. Personally, I don't feel that's true, I got in trouble tons of times. rolling eyes mischievous

But, possibly, my parents were softer with me than they were with them since I was so much younger and they knew I was the last baby they'd have. So...maybe I AM kind of spoiled, and DO possibly get my way some what often. angel rolling eyes mischievous

My sister on the other hand, who is the middle/2nd child, was ALWAYS the one who acted the oldest. There's only a 1 year gap between her and our brother. She always looked and acted the oldest, where as my brother always seemed so much younger than her.

Nov 20th 2012 new

I have one sister, about five years younger. Mom & Dad definitely got some practice with me and applied those lessons to my sister. She'd say it's not fair, she bore the burden of all the trouble I got into! Dad has since said that he wished they hadn't had us quite so far apart.

Nov 20th 2012 new

I was the younger one - have a wonderful brother who is 5 years older. Being the "baby sister" has its advantages in that you get away with SOOOO much more stuff. And you can tomrent your older sibling with all kinds of cool tricks....freezing his clothing was a personal favorite. laughing

And, he used to have his bed just about a foot away from the wall....there was plenty of space to creep in there and hide until he was just about asleep, then jump up and yell "BOO" wide eyed .

But, he's always been a great brother, and extremely protective, even if he DID hate my sense of humor.

fluffy As for the family, since I was the youngest, and always small for my age, I always felt like they were over protective, and I needed more "breathing room".

Nov 20th 2012 new

My two are 8 years apart, and it helps, because you have seen that train coming down the track when the second one does something, and you tend to be more ready to "derail" it. biggrin

Nov 21st 2012 new

I'm the oldest of three and the oldest grandchild of eight. As a child, I was responsible for all the kids when the cousins were together, and was always responsible for my brothers. I am not so sure it was an advantage. When raising my own children, I tried to spread the responsibility around so one child wasn't always responsible for the others. I have carried the weight of being responsible for entirely too much, too long. One of the things I have worked on in the six years since my husband died was trying to have fun and not taking myself too seriously, which is a bit of a stretch for a lawyer...but I'm working on it.

As with everything else, there are two sides to each coin. After I woke up from the shock of the death of my husband, I bowed up and attacked trying to adjust and make it without my husband who had so wonderfully taken the lead in our life and given me a break from all the responsibility I had carried in my youth. So, I suppose that being the first born helped me find some balance.

- Elizabeth

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