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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Dec 9th 2012 new
I am the middle of seven. 32 year brother, 30 year brother, 26 brother, 24 Me, 22 sister, 17 sister, 13 brother. My mother had two miscarriages, one between the 30 and 26 and the other between the 17 and 13. So even if we had nine children, I would still be in the middle.

I see that I am more level headed than the rest. I have seen what the older siblings have done and try not to do those things, and i also give the younger ones advice and a shoulder if they need it. I seem to take more responsiblity at my mother's house than the rest of them. But that could be because I am not afraid to show that I love my mother.
Dec 12th 2012 new

I've heard this for years and have never really seen the effects but I must be in Trouble. I am #13 out of 18 and I guess the advantage in all of this, is that I didn't have any sisters close to my age, maybe I then am considered the First Born as I had to lead the way for my younger sisters, hehe.

Well anyway, I think a lot has to do with the closeness and connection of a family as if everyone is successful, you definitely want to follow suit. I've learned many things from my older brothers and sisters that are impressionable.

I think the first born advantage might be this: My first born daughter had more pictures taken of her. I helped her learn the ABC's by the age of one and in general, just spent more time overall with her to make her an Einstein and was able to do this as I worked at home, lol.

Now the second one I was more laxed as I started working out of the home. Let her develop on at her own pace, but did lots of cuddling, let her play on her own more, and well she is still an little angel on and off, hehe. They definitely have different personalities.

Order of family, who knows, time spent with kids, precious! Either way they both are excellent teenagers and doing well in school and have a great social network of friends.

btw: My psychology teacher years ago said I was probably in trouble, haha. I wanted him to elaborate, but I don't think he had the answers for me laughing

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