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I have always wondered does every family have one child that is the scape goat? I'm not sure if I really feel sorry for my sister because she got fairly punished. The catch was I got by with tons of stuff. In the case of grades in high-school I got by with not working as hard as I could have because my sister was playing and not touching her books. This seemed to apply to anything. If I would taste the frosting on the edge of the cake she would taste the frosting and the cake. She'd get in trouble. This is just because she was magnetic somehow. I could commit the act with her slip away leaving her red-handed. Being the oldest I would mastermind something and when the parents showed up my sister was there to take the blame while I hid away. One of my cousins has always been the magnetic one in his family. Does every family have one child that is the "magnet" or is this somewhat isolated to my relatives?

Oct 2nd 2012 new

In my family it depended on which siblings were involved and which parent was the one dealing with it. If it involved my younger brother and I and it was my mom, garuanteed I would be in trouble. ( An example: when he was abt 4 he scribbled all over my homework. I got punished for leaving it out. It was on my bed in my room and I had just left to use the bathroom.) If it was my dad then my younger brother was likely to get in trouble. If it was my older brother and I and mom dealing with it we usually both got in trouble. There is 4 of us and we all took our turns being the scape goat. And it really did depend on the parent.

Oct 5th 2012 new

I think every family has one or more. My oldest brother could get away with murder while my sister just his junior couldn't do anything wink

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