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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Oct 12th 2012 new

Perhaps convert is the wrong paradigm because it assumes that Christianity and Judaism were then or are know different religions.

Mary was and remained a devout Jew as well as the first member of the Christian Church. Many scholars, Catholic and Jewish alike, say that there are two forms of Judaism today: Rabbinical Judaism and Catholicism/Orthodoxy. It took a few centuries before there was a distinction between Christianity and Judaism. I think the disctinction between Christian and Jew would not be evident to any early Christian. The line was not as clear then as it later came to be.

Oct 12th 2012 new

(Quote) David-364112 said: Perhaps convert is the wrong paradigm because it assumes that Christianity and Judaism were then ...
(Quote) David-364112 said:

Perhaps convert is the wrong paradigm because it assumes that Christianity and Judaism were then or are know different religions.


Sorry. Meant to say "now".

Oct 12th 2012 new

(Quote) Valentin-119637 said: Stating that The Blessed Mother of God is a convert would not be my understanding.
(Quote) Valentin-119637 said:

Stating that The Blessed Mother of God is a convert would not be my understanding.

In the liturgy the Church salutes Mary of Nazareth as the Church's own
beginning,3 for in the event of the Immaculate Conception the
Church sees projected, and anticipated in her most noble member, the saving
grace of Easter. And above all, in the Incarnation she encounters Christ and
Mary indissolubly joined: he who is the Church's Lord and Head and she who,
uttering the first fiat of the New Covenant, prefigures the Church's condition
as spouse and mother.

Our Blessed Mother Mary is the beginning of the Catholic Church. Jesus and Mary are indissolubly joined.
Given the above, wouldn't stating Mary is a convert be the same as stating Jesus is a convert?


Thank you.

Oct 13th 2012 new

Hello, weighing in as a cradle-Catholic- I'd date a convert in a heartbeat, and I'd welcome it because I'd get to see my faith through the eyes of someone who sees it all as new and fresh. That being said, I can see that dating a convert would be a bit weird, especially if they didn't grow up with any of the holiday traditions.

If a convert and a cradle catholic married and started a family together, the burden might fall harder on a cradle-Catholic to ensure that particular Faith traditions are practiced. In my family alone, we always did prayer vigils, advent wreaths, Jesse trees, advent calendars, luminaires, blessing the Easter baskets- but this is certainly no reason not to date a convert!

Oct 13th 2012 new

I was a cradle catholic whose family left the church when I was 5 and then became a convert when I was 31. I've never really distinguished between cradle catholics and converts. I kind of look as to whether the person is all in or not. I've dated a couple of women who were cafeteria catholics and when annulments were brought up, that sort of ended things. LOL

I haven't fully wrapped my head around not dating until the annulment is final. I understand the theology and thought process against doing so. I might of missed it, but I haven't seen in the Catechism that dating before an annulment is final is a sin. But that's not really this thread. For me the bigger issue is whether or not the person is will to go through the humility of submitting themselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit through the Church Christ founded. I find when the other person starts questioning the authority of the Church and I say we have to submit, things go south pretty rapidly. LOL

Oct 14th 2012 new

I'm a convert..... there are a few of us here. Robyn, Wishing you Blessing in your journey. May you persevere through the challenges and may your joy be abundant! And may you find that special someone! Praying Praying Praying

Oct 15th 2012 new

Hello Robyn,

I have been raised a Catholic. To answer your question about dating converts. In general I don't have a problem doings so. I do usually want to know the reason as to why the converted though. If they converted because they believe it is the right religion and that was the reason for converting, then I am fine with that answer. If however they converted because they wanted to marry a Catholic and they converted to be able to do so, I would question that reasoning because then I would feel the converted for the wrong reason. To clarify my second position a little more, its not that I wouldn't date them, I would just want to have a discussion to see how strongly they felt about this decision and see where they are with this decision in their mind.

I know several converts who I feel have very strong convictions about being a Catholic and I feel in many ways are better at following the Churches teachings and beliefs and if thats the case I respect that in a person. The person I question is someone who became a Catholic to marry a Catholic and is now divorced and is not a strong practicing Catholic. In my opinion that person would change their religion to whatever it is of the next person they marry and in my opinion that is the wrong way to choose ones religion.


Oct 15th 2012 new
Hmm. Not sure how I missed this one. Smart phones are not that smart!! Im a convert. Granted I converted thirty some years ago. One thing I missed out as a child are all the cool catholic traditions. But i try to do them with my children. Once I can date, cradle or convert makes little difference.
Oct 15th 2012 new

I am a cradle catholic and this is my experience. First wife was another cradle catholic who divorced me. I applied and received an annulment.

Second marriage was with a gal who was United Methodist. She passed away from breast cancer a number of years ago. She was a very spiritual person and had a beautiful relationship with Jesus. She grew up attending Mass with her grandmother. She was closer to God than 99% of the Catholics I know.

My third marriage was with a convert. I really felt good about our relationship. I had the belief that a convert really knew what they were doing. There is a sub-plot here that I won't get into. Anyway she divorced me too saying she never really believed in the transsubstantiation and grew to hate the clergy because of the abuse scandal.

So will I date a non-Catholic? Not really. Even with other Catholics you can get into bitter debates over issues. A convert, maybe. But it's all about what the individual's beliefs are. I am at an age where some things matter a lot more than others. Faith is one of them. I'll put my trust in the Holy Spirit. But I will carefully observe and evaluate what an individual says and does. It is not for me to judge the person, but I can judge the person's actions.

Oct 16th 2012 new

I'm back.....for anyone who remembers me wave

My two cents on this. I think it depends on the converts family and the cradle Catholic. Some Catholics are uber devout. My family has probably about 8 Catholic things from crucifixes to statues and pictures in the living room alone. Our prayers, even at mealtimes are distinctly Catholic. If I were to date a convert I would think the only problem that would arise would lie in how accepting his family is of his conversion. I've known some people who could barely say a meal prayer with their in-laws due to hostility towards the Catholic side of the family. This in turn caused a rift between how well the family accepted the cradle Catholic. In fact, some of the stories I heard were the reasons I definitely try to make sure I know alot about the family of the man I date because some of the stories are truly horrible.
That's the concern that comes off the top of my head. If I think of any more I will write, but since I've never really dated a convert, I don't really know much about it.

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