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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Oct 13th 2012 new

When I was 11 I was on vacation with my parents,aunt and cousin.We were staying at a cabin in New Haphsire,A few cabins down there was a wooden bulhead I thought Id slide on.Halfway down my shorts slipped.OUCH Splinters. wide eyed
My dad held my arms,my cousin held my feet,and my mom and aunt did the picking and spanking sad and all I could do was scream weepingI learned when your bare bottom is at someones mercy you do what your told.The picking and spanking were not bad enough sorry The iodine being put on was even worse. weeping My cousin tickled my bare feet from time to time mischievous and everytime Id move SMACK weeping That was the most embarassing day of my life. ashamed embarassed

Nov 26th 2012 new

When i was 11 I tool a summer ride biggrin
Down a wooden bulkhead,a dreadful slide sorry
Halfway down my shorts did slip wide eyed
I got so many slivers I bit my lip sad
How do you explain such an awful fate? scratchchin
I thought it best to tell before it was too late sorry
My dad held my arms,my cousin my feet ashamed
My mom and aunt did the picking,for me it was no treat wide eyed
Those splinters took a long time to get out surprised
I helpless lied with nothing to do but shout weeping
Oh,how I wanted to escape to another place
The splinters and iodine was quite a disgrace
After it was over I slept on my side
thats the price I paid for my bulkhead ride.

Nov 26th 2012 new

(Quote) Liberacion-894835 said: We were new in the US. In our country we hand-wash our cars, so we never had experienced how...
(Quote) Liberacion-894835 said:

We were new in the US. In our country we hand-wash our cars, so we never had experienced how a mechanized car wash works. On our way home we decided to get some gas. We were told by the cashier that we can get a free car wash if we fill-up, so we did. After the pump, we drove to the car wash station. There was a car inside the station so we waited. When the car left we drove in and stopped in the middle. No water came down, I told my ex to move back a little bit, maybe he was too forward; he did. No water came down. He drove forward, still the same. We moved back and forth, maybe five times, and no water came down. I looked at the back and there were two cars waiting. We exited "unwashed". When I told my sisters and parents about this, they were all laughing. We were told that in the receipt that we got was the code numbers we need to punch in that little square box on the driver side before the building. We did not know that... Anyway, the waiting cars behind us did not know us too.

This happened years ago while working the evening shift. One of the guys had a barbecue business on the side, had a lot left over from an event, and said he'd bring it in for us the following evening. One of the other guys said he'd bring in potato salad, another drinks. I said I'd bake a couple of pies- how hard could that be, right? Picked up everything the next day, baked the pies and brought them to work. We all chose the cherry pie, and we noticed something wasn't quite right- a little too chewy. I had forgotten to remove the wax paper that separated the two frozen pie shells! It was actually more funny than embarrassing, because it's not something guys would be expected to know anyway.

Jan 2nd 2013 new

Dont be chicken Chicken??? Tell yours scratchchin

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