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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

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Oct 14th 2012 new

I didn't forget Al Gore. He was on my list for 2007. >>>>> Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr...

Al "Blame every hot day, every odd snow storm and every unusual weather pattern on global warming and the evils of human beings" Gore. One of those people that believes he is usually that smartest person in the room, almost never is, and knows just enough scientific jargon to be dangerous to others..... And don't forget.... Inventor of the Internet. laughing rolling eyes . .... And instigator/proponent of carbon credits, with which he will SAVE THE WORLD and become a billionaire in the process by confiscating money from evil businesses that have done the hard work to actually earn the money in the first place.

Just my opinion.


Oct 14th 2012 new

I was doing some reading. Maggie Gobran seems like a good candidate (for the peace prize) too. Interestingly, it seems that both her and Mother Theresa came from wealthy families.

It is certainly not a good/safe time to be a Coptic Christian in Egypt. Hopefully, the situation will improve somehow.


Oct 16th 2012 new

(Quote) ED-20630 said: Too late for 2012, but perhaps a very good candidate for 2013.....The 14 year old Pakistani girl ...
(Quote) ED-20630 said:

Too late for 2012, but perhaps a very good candidate for 2013.....
The 14 year old Pakistani girl that was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban (this week) for standing up for her right to go to school and for consistently resisting the draconian restrictions of the Taliban since she was 11 years old. She will likely survive, but the Taliban has vowed to finish her off if she survives.

Read more about it >>>



She will not even be considered. These days, in Europe more so than here where it is bad enough, it is political incorrect to say or do anything that might even hint at saying something negative about Islam.

Just think, if this were Canada, and we are quickly going that way, I would be heavily fined for making that statement.

Oct 17th 2012 new

Also, the peace prize committee would probably quickly dismiss the idea of awarding the prize to her because they would almost certainly have a fatwa put out for their lives from some Taliban nut. There would be plenty of radical Muslims in Europe that would be happy to hunt them down.

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